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The year 2000 was probably one of the most landmark years in our recent history. It was the start of the new millennium and an exciting time to be a kid.

15 and 16 year-olds on Vingle, you're about to discover some weird trends you missed out on. As for everyone else, let's all look back fondly at the most overrated (and kind of tacky) things we were into back in 2000.

JNCO Jeans

I owned SO MANY PAIRS of these despite the fact JNCOs are just about the heaviest garment you could ever put on your body. Let's not even mention how gross they get when it rains. I'm shuddering just thinking about it.

Fred Durst

Guys, why did we like Limp Bizkit so much? I remember on Halloween in 2000, a distressing amount of my classmates showed up to school dressed up as one of those red snapback flygirls. Guys, music was HORRIBLE this year.

Butterfly hair clips

Butterfly clips were economical because you could essentially hold your hair back with clips that cost roughly 10 cents a piece at your local Claire's. However, those weird butterfly-accented cornrows weren't always flattering.

Glitter anything

Glitter mascara, glitter hairspray, glitter shoelaces, glitter lipgloss, glitter eyeshadow, glitter gel pens, glitter body lotion, glitter hair gel, glitter belts. We even had those glitter lacquered Britney jeans. -- WAS ALL THIS GLITTER REALLY NECESSARY, GUYS?


Kudos to whichever record label tried so hard to make Hoku a thing. I remember seeing her on every single TV show, talk show, and magazine back in the day. And her track 'Another Dumb Blonde' was a school dance staple. But ugh, so bad.

The TV series 'Angel'

So most of my friends had an obsession with the TV show 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer' when I was in middle school - and why not? Sarah Michelle Gellar was a serious badass. But who thought a Buffy-less spin-off would be a good idea? It was SO BORING.

Will Smith's rap comeback

My school was so obsessed with Will Smith's songs that we had our own choreographed school dance to the track 'Wild Wild West'. Whenever I reflect upon the fact that this actually happened, all I feel is an intense amount of delayed embarrassment.

Bath & Body Works

Okay, okay. Sometimes Bath & Body Works is okay. I mean, everyone likes to smell nice, right? But it's one thing to be like "Oh, cool. A cucumber melon body splash." than to be as obsessed with having our with Bath & Body Works signature smell back in 2000.

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

My parents would rush through eating dinner just to be able to watch 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire' when it came on every night. The idea of someone winning one million dollars was exciting back in 2000. Now we win, like, wives. WTF, America.

Dawson Leery

Dawson was easily the most basic guy on 'Dawson's Creek' - so much so that the show is NAMED after him and yet he STILL doesn't even (spoiler alert) get the girl at the end. Dawson, it's your own freaking series. Get yourself together, dude.

What awesomely bad things to you remember about the 2000s?

Let me know in the comments below!
OMG AARON CARTER. I can't believe I ever listened to that crap xD Can't forget about Creed either. Or that Prank'd show Ashton Kutcher had on MTV
I don't regret living through the 90's at all sure it was corny but mostly fun. I got to say I enjoyed the Angel series far more than the Buffy series.
And it was funny
@iixel the show was called punk'd
Wasn't Kid Rock pretty big around that time? Soon as I saw the Fred Durst pic that song started playing in my head lol
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