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@rjtthakur On ebay :) my friend thats one place you couls fins them :)
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thanks @MoisEsgaray...but i think on..i cant afford that.much.high.price..hehehe..CAUSE..DOLLARS ARE WAY TOO HIGH
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@rjtthakur yeah man they are pricy lol but you coud find some 15,18 or 20 dollar figures like that on ebay to :) you just gotta search for them. :)
a year agoReply to find out street fighter figures but they ...are..also.costly and..main problem is delivery. take 21 to 30 days from first..and.i.dont.get..enough info.that.product.i.will ..but..still.bro many.many.thanks if you have any ..@MoisEsGaray
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@rjtthakur Yeah for sure buddy and oh man the street fighter like Figures,toys,posters,comics,video game.... like Anything street fighter products are very pricy hahah man they have some awesome and amazing Figures but i havent even bought none of there figures lol cause they are always so pricy lol x) its very hard to find any street fighter merchandies cheap lol
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