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You might have heard last week that I'm the new anime moderator -- yay!! So many people stepped up to help me out, and I just wanted to first say THANK YOU to everyone who offered!!! I wish I had a spot for you all.
However, after thinking about it, I decided to try to offer spots to those who are not already moderators or support for other anime related communities. Why? So even more people can be involved!!! I already plan to work with the other moderators and support teams if we want to, so this way we can have even more people working to make our nakama's home even more awesome XD

Now, on to introducing the support team!

Little Sister

Tsundere Mermaid

Crimson Dragon

White Knight


Humble Shota

In the other anime related communities, we have a ton of people helping out, too!!! I think this is everyone! Sorry if I messed anything up ><

Manga Mod: @SimplyAwkward
Fairy Tail Mod: @Tylor619
Fan Art Mod: @AimeBolanos
One Piece Mod: @Luffynewman
Dragonball Mod: @ChrisStephens
(I didn't see any supporters yet!!)
Naruto mod: @Tayhar18920
If there's a community you'd like to get involved in as support, reach out to their moderator! Each community can have up to 6 supporters!

We hope to make the community an even more fun place!!!

If there's anything you'd like to see or hope we can help nakama accomplish in the next few months, just comment below or message one of us. We're here to help!!

Stay awesome, everybody!!!!!!

(Oh, and I'll be posting the community guildelines a bit later so make sure to follow the Nakama Update collection!!)
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congrats to all the mods :D looking forward to all your cards.
Hi, I didn't really know where else to put this, and so anime support i guess..... I just finished binging k project over the last couple days and my heart os pretty torn up at that ending and i just would like to know if there is any animes that anyone would recommend that are good and wont be too heart wrenching too quickly ill need some time after this series. it really hurts so nothing like AOT or FMA where things go south from the getgo please.
Wooooo!!!! Let's all do this every community every NAKAMA!! Let's do it again!!
@WillBryan Fairy Tail has lots of fanservice lol, my other recommendations are a bit dark...and sad...and heartwrenching... ok most of the anime I find to be good really toys with your dang heart lol.
@LittleAika Thank you. I'd love to hear your other recommendations, because you know I gotta watch something after Fairy tail xD. And the heartwrenching dark so on is probably the biggest reason why the animes are so good, they draw you in deep and build an emotional attachmet