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ahni i did n't 4 get the other 2 hotties dat will be in Heirs they might not be as tall as other 4 but they r still cute handsome and hott Kang Ha neul our serious but handsome cutie haa i love his serious face dats just mks him soo charming i just love him in 2 the Beautiful u and can't wait 4 him in heirs. :) And Park hyung sik will be new 4 me he is cute and Handsome and i am excited 2 c him :) <3
@christy I love him 2 he was cute and I felt bad 4 his character in2 the beautiful you I love him in it smtms even more then Minho hehe I wanted 2 c him more I love his serious face and yup he is really manly can't wait 4 heirs 😊
hang he neal I like him since beautiful u.he has a v.manly look