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9 Cosplay Challenge!!
A few of my friends challenged me to list up nine cosplays that I want to do, so I finally did it!!! Now, I wanna challenge all my cosplay friends on here to do the same: what are 9 cosplays you plan or hope to do in the future?! Share & tag me!!!
1. Blondie - Sucker Punch
2. Selphie - FF8
3. Tifa - FF7
4. Nozomi Tojo - Love Live (Idolized Fairy)
5. Rapunzel - Tangled (Braid Version)
6. Nozomi Tojo - Love Live (Christmas Outfit)
7. Ako - Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko ja Nai to Omotta?
8. Lucy Heartfilia - Fairy Tail (Celestial Dress)
9. Emilia - Re: Zero

What do you want to see first? :P

Challenging some Vingle cosplayers!!
& anyone else who wants to try it!!!
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1. Space Dandy 2. Yasutora Sado 3. Sebastian Michaelis 4. Hei (Darker than Black) 5. Kamina (Gurren Lagann) 6. Leeron (Gurren Lagann) 7. Twisted Fate (League of Legends) 8. Hagi (Blood +) 9. Klein (Sao)
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@EvanYannetti OooOo Twisted Fate & Sebastian! Awesome choices!
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I'm not sure but 1 Agni*genderbend*(Black butler) 2 A pokemon Trainer (female) 3 Gengar (Pokemon) 4 Kakuzu *Genderbend*(Naruto) 5 KillerBee*Genderbend*(Naruto) 6 Toriel (Undertale) 7 Orpheus (Persona 3) 8 Susie Carmichael (rugrats) 9 Blaze the cat in Human Form (sonic rush) @hikaymm
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@SimplyAwkward Awesome list!!! Lol @ susie carmichael!! i would have never thought ofhtat. I would love to do an "All Grown UP" version cosplay, too XD
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@hikaymm i thought it was a good idea and now i have to prep for a con coming in September
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