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this is my very first story I'm a little new so please don't judge :) I appreciate nice/honest feed back
It all started in our first year of high school I was nervous on the first day but not completely because my older sister was starting her second year and I had two other older sisters besides her (total of 3 older sisters) I had always looked up to them and now it was my turn to live up to where they all left off. They were big shoes to fill because they all did great academically and athletically too. The only thing keeping me on earth instead of in the moon thinking of the endless possibilities that could go wrong on my first day was my best friend Arii. She had been like another older sister to me she was also in her second year of high school and her birthday was a day after my actual sisters birthday and since we were so close from a very young age we were practically family (Arii = Girl in Glasses^). Because of the years they were born in my sister Vivian was older which ment she got her car and license before Arii so she drove us to school and they both kept trying to convince me that I'd be okay and I was working up untill we parked we had been listening to weather forecasts in the car too see if it would get any warmer but we had no luck we lived in Bellevue Washington so in September it would get specially cold and we went to a small school because Bellevue was pretty small people in differnt states would only get the feel for where we where from if we mentioned it was by Seattle Washington (because of the popularity from all the Twilight movies) and although we were coming back from summer break the grass had already begun to frost and the air was crisp first thing In the morning but we all loved it so we road to school with the windows down *huge mistake* by the time we got to school our cheeks and noes were both as red as Rudolfs noes. When it was finally time to get off the car my hand froze on the handle and I just sat there and thought Maria!! 'fighting' the first bell rung and we ran inside to make sure we made it to class within the next 4 minutes to be counted as on time we all had to sperate because of our differnt classes and I new the general area I was supposed to go to or so I thought... I ended up upstairs and LATE since the second bell had already rung there were no teachers out side anymore and the rest of the people who were had already been rushing into their assigned classroom. after another 3 minutes of wandering I gave up and leaned against a locker and slowly sat down. "first day and I'm already gunna look bad to my home room teacher" I thought to my self. I was looking into the distance, I was so out of it I took me a while to notice the guy that had plopped down right next to me "are you lost?" I heard a unfamiliar voice ask me I jumped at his voice it was like nothing I had ever heard before it wasn't too masculine but it also had a soft side to it. I sat there hopping he would leave if I pretended not to hear him but it didn't work "were you crying?" "do you need help?" he continued to ask me untill I gave in "Hi." I had finally gathered the courage to say something to him "it's my first year here and I can't find my classroom but there was no one around to ask and I still don't know the school well enough to find the office" he laughed a little to him self and stood up "what class are you looking for?" I stood up as well "room 167" he looked at me and said "okay just give me a second" he reached out and oppend the locker I had been leaning on and took out a backpack "im gunna need this" he chuckled and said "follow me" his smile was so cute I couldn't help but blush and the way he talked was sweet but with meaning. locker 205 I'll remember that.
We ended up going back downstairs and past the main office "wait" I managed to say he stopped and let go of my wrist I hadn't even noticed he was holding it to begin with as soon as he turned around and looked me in the eyes I felt my self turn a darker red "are you okay?" he asked with a worried look on his face "im fine" I said quietly "but don't we need to get passes or something" I blurted just as he was about to turn around and start walking again "no I'll take care of it" he said as we grabbed my wrist again and began to lead the way. once we finally got to the classroom he stopped and said "this is it" as he pulled me inside the class had already started about 15 minutes earlier so when we got in there was a awkward silence untill I heard the teacher say "go to class Baekhyun"... so that's his name Baekhyun I repeated in my head. I was snapped back to reality by some girls who whispered to each other in the back and I also heard some giggles from the front as well "she's late on the first day and with a boy... what does that say about her" I heard another guy whisper to his friends "SILENCE" the teacher yelled and everyone was quite "I'm sorry I didn't see you there" she said in a nicer tone I hadn't heard before "please don't be too hard on her" I heard Baekhyun say to her "she was lost and afraid" he added on "don't worry and go to class... NOW Byun Baekhyun don't make me repeat my self" he bowed to her and left but not before slipping a note in my pocket. "Please introduced yourself to the class young lady every one has already gone up, tell us your name and where you are from" she said "I-I'm Maria and I was born in California but my mother is from Mexico and my father is Korean"
this story is mine please don't take it without credit
It's a good start, and it just needs the grammar fixed (and a few typos).
@JaxomB thank you