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Over the top gladiator shoes! Black leather Stuart Weitzman gladiator sandals retailing at $398! I'm gonna take a pass on this.. they don't appeal to me nor they look comfy!.. XD
these look like they would come with a bad tanline xD
hahaha then I guess you would have to wear those shoes all the time D: oh my goodness
I still totally remember last year when gladiator shoes were in! hahahaha i mean i have a couple of pair of gladiator myself but not that high hahahah @samrusso716 ahhahahahh ohmygosh you are so right! :] just imagine wearing that out in the sun for a day and coming back with that tan line LOLLL
@lucx go girl!.. XD you can rock it! @leecatlee why not? just try.. XD
@saharjalpari9 @happyrock @blackmage @kristenadams me neither.. XD even if i had legs like Miley's I wouldn't XD.. it's ironic that Selena and Kourtney are the ones wearing these.. i mean they're both petite!
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