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4. How did you discover Block B?

I actually discoverd Block B relatively recently. I got into it during the Blooming Period Era (Current Era) with the song Toy. My friend told me to listen to it, and it came up on my recommended when I was watching the 'Fire' MV by BTS. I clicked on it, became obsessed witht the song, and was intrigued. Since then I've fallen in love with Block B, and I'm glad I stumbled upon it.

5. Name 3 of your favorite Block B songs and why

I can't pick just 3 so I'm going to break the rules a little and give you a top 5.
5. Nillili Mambo I really liked the whole concept of this mv. I think it matches well with the song, and I like the choreography. The main chorus is what really got me though...way too catchy for my own good.
4. Jackpot I loved the colors and the circus concept. Kyung's rap and Taeil's chorus got me hooked. This is a song that I liked because they changed it up a little. The rhythm changes in the difderent parts of the song, and I found thag to be refeeshing.
3. NalinA Now this song is absolutely catchy. The choreography matches well with the song and I thought it was really cute :)
2. A Few Years Later This song is absolutely amazing. The first time I heard it I had mixed feelings, but then I grew attached to the song. The beautiful melody accompanied by their voices is truly something to obsess over. I love U-Kwon's vocals as well as P.O.'s rap. They stood out to me the most, and it's what helped me fall in love with them.
1. Toy What can I say? The beautiful MV concept as well as the catchy tune got me. Kyung's vocals surprised me because they were a lot softer than I thought they would be. Their unique voices stood out in this song, and I feel it will hold its place as my favorite Block B song for a long time.It also holds a special place in my heart because it's the first Block B song I listened to.
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