After days and days of practicing and perfecting everything, it became June 13th. Their first, official debut stage. While they were waiting to go up on stage, the boys were practicing to shake up their nerves. When Hoseok was doing his makeup, he looked at you and gave a really nervous look. You mouthed, 'You'll do great.' After understanding what you said he gave out a big sigh. Few minutes later, Hoseok went out to the hallway, looking like he was gasping for air. You followed him out, "Hey, you okay?" "Ummm.. yeah, just really nervous." "It'll be fine. Think of all the days you practiced. Just perform like you're practicing!" "... What if I mess up? what if I ruin the group's reputation? What if-" "Hoseok, Even if something happens I'll be there for you, and the boys will be there for you. And besides, I don't think that will happen. Remember, you're a natural~" Hoseok looked a lot better after you comforted him. He went for a HUGE hug, and you looked up at him. He looked down and said, "Thank you (y/n), Thanks for always being there for me." The boys did great. They were a total success. After their debut stage, their music video was out, and you got several calls from broadcastings and love calls from other companies. The boys were going to be great.
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