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It's been 10 months since Y/N and Jin had last seen each other. Y/N has been living in Busan with Jimin and Yoongi since then and has given birth to a beautiful pair of twins. A handsome boy named Haneul and a beautiful girl named Nari.
Her love for Jin keeps on growing stronger every day even if she tries to forget Jin she can't because both Haneul and Nari resemble Jin in every way possible making it harder for Y/N to completely forget all sad and happy memories she once had with Jin. But she's trying her very best to forget everything and have a new start with new love Haneul and Nari.
Jin on the other hand has done everything he can possibly do to find Y/N and beg for forgiveness. But has fail on finding his love. He has now become the new CEO of his father’s company after his father was diagnosis with lung cancer. Jin has become a cold hearten CEO that everyone hates and/ or pities. There are even some speculations that Jin’s gay because he seems to always push away every single female that has tried coming closed to him.
Time skip~~~
It’s been 5 years that’s Jin last saw Y/N and every single day he’s been looking for her like crazy. But on the other hand Y/N has been living life like there’s no tomorrow, every day is an exciting day thanks to Haneul and Nari but she’s also fail in forgetting Jin she’s still madly in love with him now more than ever and god knows how much she misses him. But she has her mind set, she has set her mind on forgetting Jin and not meeting him for anything in the world she knows that Jin’s well and happy without her and their kids even though he may not know about them and she’s going to make sure he never does.
But what happens when a certain someone decides to cross their path one more time. Will anything happen between Jin and Y/N? Will their love for each other bloom and become stronger or are they not destining to be together and just become strangers once again?
(I’ll be naming that ‘certain someone’ Mr. X)
Flashback~~~ (a week after Jin and y/n anniversary)
“So you’re telling me she’s living with…Jimin and Yoongi for what a week or so..?”
“Yes ….my apologies I didn’t report this sooner Mr. X but as you know my step-brother has been keeping an eye on my every move”
“Your step-brother……Jimin?”
“Yes, him he’s been getting a little suspicious about me coming to Busan so often. I told him that I come here with the plan on opening my own law firm. So far he has believed me but I think he’s starting to question my words.”
“Ok, then let’s make him believe your words again. Start to look for a building where you can set up your law firm. But you’ll have to move with your brother, Yoongi and Y/N. because by what you’ve told me things aren’t going as how I had plan. I’ll give you 2 weeks to do everything you have to do got it”
“Yes, I understand and don’t worry I’ll have everything ready in 2 weeks”
“Good, you may leave now and report to me in 2 weeks got it exactly 2 weeks you may go”
With that her spy started to walk out of Mr. X office but was suddenly stop as Mr. X spoke once again
“Oh…….and Namjoon I want no mistakes got it. And remember stay under cover and no word of any of this to anyone especially y/n understand?!!!”
“Yes, I understand Mr. X everything will go as plan”
“I do hope so. You may leave”
And with that Namjoon bowed to Mr. X and exit Mr. X office
End of flashback~~~
*Present time*
“Namjoon it's time for you to move back, to Seoul. I think it's time for my plan to continue after all these years. How quickly can you make Jimin, his boyfriend and Y/N move back to Seoul?”
“If I may Mr. X, I have a plan to make Y/N move on her own without her making it difficult for you plan to be executed without any sort of trouble in between”
“And what would that be Mr. Kim I'm curious to know what you have planned to make my plan easier?”
“We get Jin and Y/N together in a room and let Jin know about the twins. But not let him know the twins are him. Since he believe that Jimin and Y/N are a couple we should use that to our advantage Mr. X”
“Very well then, do what you must to get them together just like how you did 8 years ago. But remember this is your LAST chance to thing go as how I had planned 5 years ago. I will not allow any more mistakes Mr. Kim because you know what the consequences to any sort of mistake are RIGHT!!!”
“Don't worry there won't be any mistake. I, a sure Mr. X”
Namjoon POV
It's been 2 weeks since I told my plan to Mr. X and in two day my plan will start its process. I'll make sure that everything goes as plan, there's time to lose especially with any sort of mistakes. I was lost in thought when Y/N came into my office to discuss a case we’re both working on since she works inn my law firm. After we were done discussing the case I took the opportunity to get a head start on my plan.
“Hey, Y/N do you mind if I take the kids to an amusement park this Saturday. You know since I’ll be taking a week of vacations and they’ll start school soon. I would really love to take them there.” I said I knew she wouldn’t agree but I had to tried to get to agree with me taking the kids
“I don’t know they’re not used to those kinds of places and I would want to bother you with that. And I'm pretty sure the twins wouldn’t want to go without me being there with them” she said trying to get me to back down on my offer but I wasn’t going to do that. So I tried convincing her by saying that I was willing to bring Jimin along with us. This to begin with was part of my plan as well. Because Jimin was going to be another part of my plan to get Jin and Y/N to see each other again
“Ok then how bout you come with, it’s a new park that’s opening plus I’ve seen it already and it looks really save. And if you don’t feel comfortable with me then I can ask Jimin to come as well since you guys are the best of friends.”
I said looking at her with pleading eyes. She took a while to answer me but she finally said yes but told me to bring Jimin along so that way she wouldn’t be alone if I were to ride with kids on games. My plan had finally begun all I need to do is make sure is for Y/N and Jin to see each other on Saturday which was the whole reason for me to bring the kids there because the amusement park was a project Jin and myself had been working on for the past 2 years.
To be continued<<<<<<<<<
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