Cred to the person who translated this:
"MC: Tell your fans something sweet and show your face when you kiss. Do it sexy! (He was asking every member to act as if their fans are lovers, so each of them had to say sweet things and make a kissing face.)
YJ: Thank you everyone. (Making funny face)
Fans : Once again! Once again!
DK : Keep talking. (Dokyun was afraid that his turn was coming.)
MC : Yijeong, do you really do that face?
YJ : Yes, I do.
MC : Leader, is that right?
KI : I don't know.
MC : But ,leader, you always...
KI : How could I know how he kisses?
YJ : We kissed yesterday!
MC : What? You guys kissed yesterday? Leader, did you kiss him yesterday?
KI : Never!
YJ : He doesn't know. Because when he was sleeping...
DK : They share same room.
YJ : I kissed him gently like this.
KI: No wonder why my face was rotten. But it's okay.
MC: So leader doesn't know what face that Yijeong makes when he kisses because leader was kissed while he was sleeping. Well, then leader, who would you kiss among the members if you have to choose someone?
YJ : (Raising his hand, making funny face.)
Fans: (Yelling each member's name)
MC : Who do you want to kiss?
KI : I don't know.
After then MC tossed the turn to Sihyung."
This boy is totally something else lol
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omg I LOVE how Yijeong ships himself with Kyungil!!!
@MelissaGarza Yeah they're in Japan promoting
are they speaking Japanese?