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so today i was scrolling through my youtube feed and there was a video showing kpop idols who weren't actually from korea. now i'm all for that considering i'm chinese and i love kpop and i may or may not have fantasies about becoming a kpop idol (i mean, who doesn't) there was one idol who caught my interest. her name was olivia rite. she was part of the group "the gloss" and was a member who had no asian decent at all.
i was like oh cool, an idol who doesn't have any asian ancestry. so i looked the group up because i was interested and i find this piece of trash article :
now i may not know the entire story but this made me furious. it doesn't matter about the past of the country. the japanese and the korean had a fallout in 1592 and no one is talking about that. that doesn't effect the music industry at all so what makes you think that something in the 1800s is going to effect it.
this is bs because this person obviously doesn't know about how international kpop really is. there are tons of groups with non-korean members and if they're singing in korean and it's pop, it's kpop. it doesn't matter about the race.
this person seems like they have something against all french people and is expressing it by putting a hard working singer down
and obviously she has some type of unique voice if she was in a kpop group. even if her voice isn't to your liking you have no right to say she's not talented.
my last words are just it doesn't matter about the race of a member. they obviously got into a kpop group for some reason. this racist piece of trash decides that it's okay to insult other races and say they're not fit to enter the korean music industry. IM DONE. here is the link to the article :
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This takes me back to what GD said in an interview (I think it was him. It was an article about BigBang). He said that they consider their music to be just that. Music. To him it doesn't have the label of it being Korean or American. It's music. Labeling it invites racism like what the author said. The line "We like kpop because they're Asian" completely disgusts me. We like it because of the music.
"we like kpop because their Asians" That is not true. we like kpop for the music and for the idols personality, not their race. I think it's great that the have someone who has no Asian decent in them. I wish some people would just be happy for the person and not put them done because of their race.
Wow I got to the 3 one and I could take. @MariRu I agree with
She's probably thrilled that the group disbanded. But I wonder how she feels about Alex in Rania...
I see how they can think that since kpop is korean pop and having someone French kinda doesn't mix well with some fans. Kpop groups sometimes have members from other Asian countries like China, Japan, Thailand, etc. but pple don't complain bout them since they are of asian heritage. I have honestly never heard of Olivia or her group before, so I wouldn't know much about this
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