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Hello everyone, Lucky Carat Cosmic Cassidy here to introduce a new segment all about Seventeen's performance team: JuNoShi8 Tuesday!
Okay, that was a failure of combining their names, but welcome to the very first JuNoShi8 Tuesday, where we... negotiate JuNoShi8.
Ah, rhyming. *Where we share our love for this wonderful four-man unit group.
To kick off, I will provide some basic and fun facts about each member.
Basic Stuff:
Birth Name: Kwon Soon Young
Stage Name: Hoshi
Birthday: June 15, 1996
Position: Lead Vocalist, Main Dancer
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 60 kg
Fun Stuff:
- He can speak japanese well.
- He confessed that one of the artists he would like to meet are SHINee
- Wants to meet Usher, Chris Brown and Beyonce.
Basic Stuff:
Birth Name: Wen Jun Hui
Stage Name: Jun
Birthday: June 10, 1996
Position: Vocalist, Dancer
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 63 kg
Nationality: Chinese
Fun Stuff:
-He is known for looking like Super Junior's Heechul
-He was a child actor in China
-The omma who wakes up in the morning and lets Seungkwan wake up the rest of the boys.
-Also known as Chun-fai Man
-Starred in The Pye-Dog in 2007
-Born in Shenzhen, Guangdong, Hong Kong
-Makes good toast
Basic Stuff:
Birth Name: Lee Chan
Stage Name: Dino
Birthday: February 11, 1999
Position: Main Dancer, Lead Rapper, and Maknae
Height: 167 cm
Weight: 54 kg
Fun Stuff:
-He was in Orange Caramel's "Copycat" MV
- He likes Michael Jackson and listen to “Beat It” a lot.
- After Seungkwan, Hansol and Joshua said that Dino is another member who has the worst sleeping habit.
Basic Stuff:
Birth Name: Xu Ming Hao
Stage Name: The8
Birthday: November 7, 1997
Position: Vocalist, Dancer
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 53 kg
Nationality: Chinese
Fun Stuff:
-The meaning behind his stage name is that the number 8 is well liked by people in China because it symbolizes an infinity symbol.
-Favorite number is actually 7 (lol).
-He was a b-boy in China for six years.
-His role model is Henry.
-Deathly good at martial arts.
Hopefully you got to know these guys a little better!
Stay tuned for next week, where I present the sexy side of JuNoShi8 ;'D!
Lucky Carats~
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