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Critique 12: Akame ga kill
At first this anime looks badass and almost makes you feel so too along the episodes. Only problem is that crying at someone's death every one or two episodes directly makes you less badass. In fact, after having watched this amazing anime, the only things 'I didn't really like' were the numerous deaths on the goodies side. I don't mind having some heroes killed in anime but killing one every one or two episodes is somehow.... too much to handle. Plus, the Manga and the anime are so different you can see them as slightly two different stories. But overall, after having watched the anime only, I'd say it's a pretty great one and it's a shame it was too short. So AGK lovers/haters, bring your arguments on!!
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I like it it bring something new to the table
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so many deaths...I cried so much through this anime...it was good just so many unexpected deaths😖😖😭😭😭
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@BobbieStinson I felt the exact same 😂😢😭
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