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Hello Fellow Beans

I was given the honor of being on the astro Mod Squad and I'm super excited to share amazing cards with you all!

Name: Marisol 마리솔

I'm 20yrs old I obviously love khiphop more than life itself I love kpop too! some hobbies include listening to music 24/7 watching kdramas and self teaching korean ( learning for 1yr now) as for skills....I can now proudly watch most shows without subtitles yay me! lol

some of my favorite groups include:

BigBang Exo KNK MonstaX Madtown Ikon Got7 BTS Uniq 2pm A6P(sadly jaguar left so no word of comeback) MAP6 SHINee VAV Up10tion obviously Astro my babies and too many more to keep track of lol

I will be in Charge of Jinjin Tuesdays

I am ultra excited because jinjin is my bias of the group....I love each and everyone but something about this adorable rapper . and let me add jinjin is the human we all desire to be

I promise to make the best cards possible every tuesday and if you are new to astro I hope you guys are ready to learn more about this lovely group!

ASTRO Mod Squad:


If you want to be added to the taglist comment on the link below

Nice to meet you.
Yasss! I can't wait to see your cards