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"(Y/n)" "Yea Jimin?" I said taking a sip of my water. "Will you go out with me?" I spit out the water that was in my mouth. Everyone else went quiet. "Excuse me?" I started wiping my mouth. I looked at Yoongi and he looked like he was going to kill Jimin. "Oh God I didn't mean like that, I meant go run an errand with me." "Oh yea I can do that." Yoongi relaxed. "Ouch kinda hurt you just rejected me if I did like you." "Sorry." I took another sip of my water. He moved real close to my ear. "We all know you're in love with Yoongi so even though you aren't together you won't love anyone else " I gulped down my water and kept my eye contact with Yoongi with my face getting a little red. Jimin quickly moved away and walked out of the room. "What did he say?" Tae said smiling at me. "Nothing." "That wasn't nothing your face is red" Jungkook said laughing. "Yea, just tell us what he said." Hoseok added. "I'm not going to say it because you all already know don't you." I snapped getting up and following Jimin. "Whoa, why is she mad?" Jungkook asked. "Yah Jimin!" I yelled after him. "What?" "You can't do that to me." "Why not Yoongi is bound to ask you out once he gets jealous enough." "Dude I don't need your help. Please don't do that again." "Hmm, I'm wondering about something now..." He said and pulled me towards him. We were a few inches apart. "Jimin let go." I lightly pushed him back a bit. He still held onto me. "I'm just testing something." He said trying to pull me closer. "Jimin, I'm sure she said to let her go." Yoongi was right behind us. "I was just trying to hug her." He smiled at me. "That's it?" I asked "Yup" I quickly hugged him and he left me and Yoongi alone. "Are you ok?" He asked "Yea." "Do you mind telling me what he whispered to you?" "Just that everyone knows I'm in love with you and although we aren't together I won't love anyone else." "Well I guess part of that is true." He said stepping closer to me. He quickly looked around and then placed a kiss on my lips quickly. "Don't have too much fun with Jimin ok?" "Ok I'll try not to." I smiled and he walked away, Jimin walked up next to me. "So...What just happened?" He smirked "What do you mean?" "Wasn't that jealousy?" He stated "Was it?" "He just told you not to have too much fun with me, it's because he wants to have fun with you." He smiled "Ok if you say so." "I know so, let's go." He said pointing towards the door. What was said to be an errand really wasn't. He just wanted someone to hang out with. We went and walked around and ate some food that as we walked by vendors we'd decide we wanted right at that moment. We ended up stopping at store that had some cute goodies. While I was in there I was thinking of couples things...What could I get Yoongi and I that wouldn't be to obvious that we were together? "Hey (y/n)" I turned to Jimin "yeah?" "I'm really sorry about this morning. That was really rude of me. I'm your friend and I shouldn't joke about things like who you like." "Jimin your my best friend I couldn't stay mad at you." I smiled patting his arm. "Really?" "Yea really." I looked back at some of the things on the table. "Let's get something." He started looking for something. "What are you looking for?" "Something we both can wear to show us being best friends." "Oh ok." I smiled. Maybe a ring would be easy for Yoongi to wear and hide. I found a pair that I liked. "(y/n) I found something that's perfect for us!" I walked over to him. "Wow it's amazing, let's go with them." We walked to the register and we put our items down. "Why are you getting 2 rings? Are those ....those are couple rings." He turned to me. "Are they. I just liked them." "I'll pay. I owe you." "No its ok. You can buy me something else." I handed my money to the cashier. I quickly took the rings and put them on my hand so that Jimin knew it was just for me. Then Jimin put the friendship bracelet on and I did the same. "I'll try to be a better friend ok." He said standing in front of me. "You already are a great friend. I don't want you changing ok." "Ok." He said smiling. The rest of the evening we did exploring and we finally ended up back home pretty close to midnight. We could hear them in the back, they must have been doing another bonfire. We went in and put our stuff away. We made our way out back and joined the rest. "Hey how was the errand" Jin asked "It was good. We bought lots of things." I smiled sitting next to Yoongi. "Yea look what we got." Jimin said his arm and then grabbing my arm and holding it up a well. "Couple item?" Tae asked with a smile. "No friend item." I said take my hand back. "Seriously it looks like a couples item" Yoongi said. "It's not." I said "Oh is someone jealous? Too bad your not (y/n) Best friend." Jimin said laughing walking over to sit next to Jungkook. "Yoongi...are you ok?" I whispered "I'm fine." He snapped "(y/n) why don't you sit next t me since Yoongi is being mean." Hoseok said pointing to the spot next to him. "We need to talk later." I said while I got up and went to sit next to Hoseok. I knew he was getting angry and I needed to bite it in the butt before it got bad. After a few minutes of joking around with Hoseok Yoongi stood up and went inside without saying anything. "Should I go check on him?" I asked Hoseok and he just nodded for me to follow him. I quickly did. I was a few feet behind him. "Yoongi can we talk?" "No I know what that means." "What does it mean?" I was confused. He walked into our room and I followed shutting it behind him. "You're breaking up with me. You had too much fun with Jimin and now you don't want to be with me anymore." "Are you crazy!" I said a little too loud. "No you have matching braclets." "Yoongi calm down that is not why I wanted to talk." "Then why did you?" "I bought something that I wanted to give you." I pulled off one of that he rings from my finger and held it up to him. "You bought a ring for me?" "Yea it is a couples ring. Now I know we might get caught but one of us can wear it as a necklace if we need to." He smiled and took it from me and put it on. "I love you" He said hugging me. "I love you too." I laughed "Don't laugh...I'm going crazy here I don't want you being taken away. I just want everyone to know your mine so I know they won't try to take you." You seriously are too freaking cute, you shouldn't worry about me, I will love you and only you." "I'll be better I promise." He said and kissed my lips. "Just be you. That's who I fell in love with." He smiled. "You know I should have bought this for us." He stated "Yea I know but you can buy us something else that's matching ok?" "Ok. We should do shoes." "Whatever you want babe" I said kissing him.
I am so sorry I didn't post this earlier, but here it is I hope you all enjoy it! Hmm what is going to happen next?
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OMG that last gif was perfect. But you know everyone is going to discover they are already together. Especially from Jimin. He will definitely notice!!!
The last picture that you have of YOONGI pushing Jimin away made me laugh ! His always being pushed away from the camera ! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I really love how comfortable the korean Guys are with couple stuff... I really love the whole matching with your love... lol random coment hereπŸ˜…βœŒ
Hey could you tag me on the rest of the cards plz I can't find Ch 17
I really love this I had to catch up on alot of chapters since my phone was broken still love it so much β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘
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