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The next day came quick, when I got the text of where to meet we got ready and headed out. We got to the destination about 20 minutes till and we waited for them to show up. Megan freaked out when she saw Jungkook and the others walking towards us. Although they were wearing extra clothes to hide their identity its pretty hard to avoid 7 guys walking straight towards you. "Hey" Jungkook said giving me a hug. "Hey! So what are we doing?" "Were taking you guys to an amusement park." V said "Really? That'll be fun!!!!!" both Megan and I said. We then followed them to their car. It was a ten seater. Jin took the front passenger seat and then we all piled into the car. I was seated next to Jungkook and V, Megan was next to J-hope and Suga, and Jimin and Rap Monster sat in the two bucket seats. Megan was dying she was blushing hard core at the fact that she was next to J-hope. When we got to the amusement park V and I were running around acting like kids. "V have you never been here?" I asked "No I haven't!!!!" "Awesome....lets go ride that." I point and we took off running. There weren't that many people but it was still busy. We didn't have to wait that long in line and we road several rides and goofed off. I could see V as my best guy friend he was just as childish as I was when it came to rides. Suga and Rap monster and J-hope hung around Megan which she loved, you could just tell by her face. They all kept switching partners for the rides. I was about to go on a ride with V when Jimin pulled me towards him. I was a few inches from his face. I started to blush. "What?" I asked "Ride some rides with me!!! Please." "Ok let's go" he grabbed my hand and led me away to a different seat. I looked back at V and Jungkook and they were just staring at us. After the ride Jimin and I went off on our own. During this time we talked. "Alright I got a question for you." "What's that?" "Would you date me?" "Woah! What?!?!?!?!" "Not like real date just pretend." "Why?" "I want to see how someone reacts. If not pretend dating then how bout flirting with each other." "Who do you need to see react?" "That I can't tell you, but you'll figure it out... it is someone we are with." "Fine. But just so you know you're really not my type. I mean your cute and funny...friendship material." "Ouch!" he said grabbing his chest where his heart is. We laughed. After a few rides we went to meet up with everyone. When we got in sight of everyone Jimin grabbed my hand and pulled me towards him and place a kiss on my cheek. I was shocked. When he pulled away he whispered in my ear. "It's time." And then I realized what was happening. "Ok." I said and turned back to walk towards everyone and Jimin followed. He kept poking me and I just smiled. "Hey you goof stop poking me or I'm going to poke you back." I said with a smile. "Oh I'd like that." He said and continued to poke me. "That's it!" I said and started chasing him. This really wasn't an act to me I felt like we were being great friends and goofing off, like I was with V. Although the only difference is that V didn't kiss me. Jimin went and hid behind Rap Monster. "Oh you're lucky!!....Jungkoooooook!!!" I said walking to him and grabbing his hand. "Let's go over here. You too V." We were walking away from the group again. Jimin came running up and got in front of me. "I'm sorry please forgive me." He said giving me the cutest face. I couldn't even pretend to be mad. "Gah fine! I forgive you." "Good" he said and hugged me then ran off. "What was that about?" V asked "Um...well he confessed to me." I said pulling Jungkook along since he was still holding my hand. But he let go. I turned around to look at him. "What did you say?" he asked "I told him I'm not looking to be in a relationship but I'd think about it." "Well then." V said and grabbed my hand and pulled me close to him. "Can we become more?" What the heck please say he is joking? I glance at Jungkook and made eye contact. He broke us apart. "Dude not you too." "Ha no I was joking. You got flustered Sarah. Sorry to disappoint but I see you as like a best friend." "OMO! That's what I was thinking too!!! We are best friends!" I said wrapping my arms around him and hugging him. "I'm hungry!" I said after breaking the hug. We then found a place to eat. I sat next to Jimin and V and across from Jin. We sat there and waited for our food. I started eating not caring what I looked like. Like I said before I'm good at eating. I stuffed my face and looked like a chipmunk. Someone poked my cheek and I turned to Jimin. "Here's another reason I like you." I slowly chewed my food just staring at him. I could tell everyone was looking at us. I smiled and went back to eating. I looked up at Jin as I was taking a breather from inhaling my food to see that he eats the same way I do. "OMO Jin oppa! We eat alike!!!! We are meant to be!!!" I said laughing. I guess my comment made him blush because he started to turn a bit red then went back to eating. "Hey you can't be meant to be we are." Jimin said "Sure, Sure." I said and finished my food. I had to wait a bit but I cleaned my face off and looked to Jungkook. He doesn't look good. I guess I have been ignoring him since we got here. I've been spending time with his friends. I pulled out my phone. ME: Hey....What's up? I hit send and waited for his phone to beep. When it did he pulled it out and checked it then looked at me. JK: Nothing ME: I'm sorry JK: For What?" ME: I didn't mean to ignore you. I just wanted your friends to like me. JK: Don't be sorry, they can be your friends too. During this text conversation we were looking at each other after we had sent our text, like we were talking out loud. I don't know why but I had a feeling there was something going on. I didn't know how to respond and was trying to think of something. "Hey Sarah!" I snapped out of my thoughts. It was Jin. "What's up Oppa?" "We should go eat together some time." He stated "I'd love to! I love food!!!" "Me too!!!" we both laughed. After everyone had finished I spoke up. "Ok who wants to go into the haunted house with me?" I looked at everyone. "Um I want to go too." Megan said "Ok let's go Megan." We got up and started walking towards the haunted house. We heard the seats move and then running. "We want to go too" said everyone. "Except me!" said J-hope. "Aw ok." So we paired off. We did rock, paper, scissors. Megan and Suga ended up together, Rap Monster and Jin ended up together, V and Jimin were together and then Jungkook and I were together. We let everyone else go first so we could be last. I was scared when we first walked in. It was really dark. I reached my hand out to grab Jungkook. I got his hand in mine and he stopped and pulled me towards him and put his arm around my waist. I don't know what this feeling is but my stomach did flips. As we worked our way through I would grab onto him and hid my face. I guess I'm just a scaredy cat. Finally we had gotten out of the haunted house and I tripped. Jungkook caught me. Our faces were so close. If he wanted to kiss me he could have right at that moment. Wait why am I thinking like that? Do I want to kiss him? No, absolutely not! "Sarah." He whispered my name. Oh man... I loved the way he just said my name. "Jungkook" I whispered as well. We were looking each other in the eyes and then........ "Come on guys!" J-hope screamed. We separated real quick.
Sooooo what do you think? I hope you all enjoyed it.....can you figure out who Jimin is trying to make jealous?
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jiminie knows kookie likes her😂😜