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Wouldn't want to get arrested for causing bystanders to be diagnosed with post-traumatic dance disorder for witnessing my dance moves. Me when I listen to Cypher Part 3: Killer by BTS
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@Isolate yasss
a year ago·Reply
Me when I listen to Topp Dogg (Their music has been so catchy lately 😂)
a year ago·Reply
@Miss148 yeeees 😍 especially their songs the beat and dogg's out not to mention Just Music by Cjamm. Screw it anything that involves the word kpop makes me create 9.0 earthquakes in my room my booty does a circumference and just lets go 😂
a year ago·Reply
So fair warning if u feel an earthquake, that's probably just me dancing
a year ago·Reply
@sugacubezzz lol me 😂😂
a year ago·Reply