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Hello Everyone! As some of you know, I write fan fiction. Today, I will be taking requests for the group BTOB. Another card will be released for requesting in general.

How to request:

For this card, all requesting must be specifically for BTOB. Hence, the title of this card. Leave a comment or message me saying which member you would like. Give a specific genre that you would want it to be! (No Smut) Give a small explanation of the scenario you have in mind.


Lee Minhyuk. Fluff/romance When he proposes to you. See? It's very easy!
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@MichelleIbarra Ohh ok. I get it. Your explanation was good. Can I also ask what a one shot is? I'm sorry I don't know all kinds of fan fiction.
@punkpandabear A one shot is like a short story or a story with only one part. Most of my past stories are one shots.
@Helixx 😂😂😂😂
Thank you @MichelleIbarra . I don't know how I did not figure that out myself, now that I think about the oneshots I've read.
oh dear....blushing heehee. A Minhyuk angst. He's a bully who secretly likes you