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Genre: angst, spy/Mafia Pairing: Yoongi x reader Warning: swearing and some scenes of intimacy
You were in the back of the van heading back to Woozi's base. Your father's base had been completely cleared and you were going back to receive further instructions. Although Yoongi kept you close to him, you stared out the small window at the passing scenery. "How many?" You suddenly asked. "Hm?" "Gi, how many died today?" "I don't know sweetie, I'm sorry" Amber spoke up, "it's estimated that at least 20 died today." 20? The thought almost made you sick. 20 individuals lost their lives over the stupidest of things. 20 families wouldn't see their beloved family member again. Woozi may have won but it didn't feel much like a great victory.
Eventually, you walked into the building and those still alive from the mission lined up in front of Woozi. "Taeil, report please!" He stated. "Y/L/N is dead. However, we have gathered a list of the confirmed dead from our team. Namjoon, GD, P.O, Seungkwan and Wonho were amongst them. Overall, the mission was a success sir!" He saluted and the rest of the team followed suit except you. You couldn't bare to move. Woozi strode in your direction, "salute miss Y/N" Your hand stayed by your side, you didn't want to look Woozi in the eyes let alone move your arm. Yoongi whispered to you, "sweetie~" Unwillingly, you raised your hand in a salute. Soon after, Woozi dismissed the team but asked you to stay behind.
"Are you alright Y/N?" "Fine!" You snapped back. "You're obviously not so tell me then." "I shot my own father today. How do you think I feel?" "Calm yourself Y/N!" You gritted your teeth. "How can I huh? I appreciate you calling me by my first name but what happens when the others find out I'm a traitor's daughter. They'll start to turn against me." He huffed, "not on my watch. If they do, I'll fire them alright. You're under my protection." A smile crept its way onto your face, he was actually being really caring and you appreciated that. "Cheers Wooz!" "Wooz?" "I - ur... Couldn't think of a nickname to call you!" "You can call me 'boss', Wooz just sounds off"
The last person you called 'boss' was your father... you forced yourself to concentrate on the man in front of you rather than the memories that haunted you. "Boss?" "That is if you decide to stay here and join the company in full term employment." Would you really want to start working again after recent events? Shrugging, you let the thought slide from your mind for the moment. You'd think about that properly when you were in the right frame of mind. For now, you just wanted a break and Woozi accepted that. You finally left his presence and spotted Yoongi waiting outside the room for you. "Jesus, how long was that talk?" "Almost as long as your patience babe." You joked sarcastically.
The two of you ambled back to your room. There was a massive box sat on the bed. You eagerly ran to it and tore it open. Yoongi opened the letter beside the box and read it out. "Dear Y/N and Yoongi, these were found in the building after we'd cleared it out and brought them to you. We thought you'd appreciate these and hopefully you can make your room more personal" You removed the sheet over the top of the objects and gazed upon each separate object. The one that you laid your eyes upon first was a photo frame with a picture of you and Yoongi when you had just got accepted into your father's company. Immediately, you removed it and placed it on the desk in the room. You dug around in the box and had finally identified each object. Some clothes, personal items and photos. The personal items that you were happy to see were: the necklace your mother gave you when you were young, your old diary, a childhood teddy bear and a personalised photo book. You red through the diary as the memories played in your mind...
'Dear diary, today me and Yoongi were training to join my father's business. We were doing ok actually. Yoongi decided to tease me about my archery but then he completely missed the target!' Your first arrow landed in the outer ring of the target. "Come on Y/N you can do better than that!" Yoongi teased. "Go on then, you do better!" He smiled and aimed at the target. The arrow flew over and hit the back wall. You began to laugh, "wow, great shot there. You can do better than that!" 'Dear diary, me and Yoongi went out to the play area today. His silly friend Hoshi joined us and kept teasing us. Hoshi's ok I guess. I hope one day we can get to know each other better.' You were sat next to Yoongi on the swings when someone started pushing you. "Hey! Hey stop!" You yelled. "Sorry!" The boy apologised. "Y/N this is my mate Hoshi!" Yoongi introduced you to each other.
'Dear diary, Yoongi is being such an idiot. Yes, we both got the job at my father's business but he thinks he's the best at everything and it's really getting old' "Yoongi would you shut up already!" "It's just because you're jealous that I got 100% on the test whereas you got 98%" "I'm not jealous, would you quit it?" "No! It proves that you don't need to be the boss' relative to succeed in life" Your anger suddenly exploded, "I hate you Min Yoongi!" "Thanks sweetie, some best friend you turned out to be!" 'Dear diary, I think Gigi was flirting today and now I'm slightly scared of him. Maybe I'm reading too much into this.' You walked to get a drink of water but a figure in the doorway stopped you. "Alright there sweetie?" He chimed. "Fine if you'd get out my way!" You attempted to walk through his arm but he just tried to pull you into a hug. "Sweetie!" He moaned. "Let me go alright Gigi!" "I like you calling me that, you know" You pushed past him and carried on walking.
~ You sighed. How the hell had all that led to this? You looked behind you at Yoongi and smiled. He was yours. He was your mate at first, then your enemy but now he was your boyfriend. You always had each other, since day 1, you'd known him for ages and could never be drawn apart. Even when you hated him, you couldn't imagine life without that cocky, sarcastic little Gigi. You placed the personal items around the room and suddenly a feeling of comfort surrounded you. Finally, you felt at home. "Gigi." You called out. "Yeah sweetie!" "I'm glad you're my boyfriend." There. The label had finally been used. It felt good. "Cute, well I'm glad you're my girlfriend!" "Gi?" "Mhm" "What do we do now?"
or one of them could die. as long as it fits the story I'm fine😂 ive read too much angst I'm not used to Fluff. I have research it for one shots now😂😂
I hope they get to live a normal life together some day
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