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Genre: Mafia Pairing: U-Kwon x reader Warning: swearing, violence, intimacy. Some adult themes and content
"No fucking way!" He yelled and pulled an object out of his pocket. He raised it and it clicked. Great... He had a gun pointed at your boyfriend. You all stood up in shock. U-Kwon on the other hand was overly confident and punched the man square in the jaw. The gun fell from his hands and thudded on the floor. U-Kwon picked up the gun and pointed it at the man. "Babe, go wait in the car!" That was always the order but you just remained by the door and waited.
You looked over the boys as they attempted to get themselves out of danger. The other man charged at Taeil but he quickly grabbed a chair to create space between him and the man. When the man moved forward, Taeil would just flinch the chair in his direction. Wow, such a hero... U-Kwon on the other hand kept punching the man who once held the gun. The man eventually hit the floor and stayed there - unconscious.
Your boyfriend ruffled his hair as he walked over to you standing in the doorway. He noticed that you were stood motionless watching the others. Jaehyo join Taeil in attacking with the chair while B-Bomb grabbed the nearest light as a weapon. Seriously U-Kwon was definitely the manliest out of these boys. "Come on boys!" He yelled back. Taeil was almost laughing at the situation he'd ended up in. U-Kwon just joined you in watching over them, they obviously hasn't heard him.
Jae accidentally dropped the light and the man took this opportunity to approach him. He backed Jae into a corner. Bless him, he looked so helpless almost begging the other two for help. "Taeil!" You shouted. He glanced over at you with innocent eyes. "Come on, we're heading home!" He nodded and with that he swooped a punch at the back of the man's head. The man collapsed practically on top of Jae and he wiggled to free himself.
"You lot are such weaklings." You teased to the boys following you. "Yeah well your boyfriend is a pro boxer what do you expect us to do?" Taeil joked. U-Kwon just glared at him and then went back to holding your hand as you left the building. You entered the van and waited for P.O to get into the driver's seat. "Can we just head home?" You begged. You spotted the clown masks that they always used for heists and hoped that they weren't planning on making you tag along.
"Home or the bank?" P.O stated. You looked tiredly at U-Kwon, he understood that you'd had enough. "Let's go home alright?" He started the car as you headed back to their mansion like house. It was like a palace. They used to live in a small dorm. The only reason they upgraded to this was because they had stolen too much money and didn't know how to use it. Therefore, they bought this place to share. You spent most of your time either in the main living space, the games room, cinema area, or in U-Kwon's room.
The boys even left space for you to have your own room. You personalised it as you often slept round theirs rather than sleeping in your own bed. Their house was almost like your home as well. It wasn't at that point but you liked to call it your second home for now. You hoped that one day you'd be able to move in here with the boys, you enjoyed their company almost too much. Today, considering that you were pretty much drained of all your energy, you headed to U-Kwon's room. Once he shut the door behind you, you collapsed on his massive double bed.
"Seriously?" "I'm shattered babe" "I can see that!" "Come join me?!" He removed his jacket and carefully placed it on a hanger nearby. "Y/N, the guys wanna plan the heist for tomor-" "They can do it without you come on!" You never quite understood how these boys managed to do this kind of thing everyday. They barely got a day to properly relax. He flopped down beside you and your form moved closer to his. "I can't stay like this for too long babe, I want to but- otherwise P.O will invite some prostitute round to have sex with"
You sniggered, he would though. Knowing how anxious he was about Kara earlier, he'd definitely want to feel more confident by fucking some random chick. That's how he worked. "Fine, fine! Taeil will cuddle with me!" U-Kwon often snarled at how close you and your best friend were. It was an easy way to make him jealous. "No, no I can stay for a little longer" "Nah, you've got to plan the heis-" He silenced you by pressing his lips to yours. "Shut up!" You remained in each others' arms for 10 minutes longer before he had to go.
"Tell Taeil to come spend time with me!" You yelled after him as he headed to the door. "You wanna stay here with him?" You nodded. "Fine, but it's my room, don't even think about doing anything stu-" "Stupid? Really? Just go, he's like my brother. That's incest!" He smirked and closed the door behind him. You headed over to his closet and picked out one of his oversized shirts. It would be like a dress on you if it was too big for him.
Quickly, you tried to unzip your dress but failed. "Want some help there?" "Cheers Taeil!" You felt his hands unzip the dress with ease. He turned around to give you some privacy when dressing. Once you were in the shirt, you jumped on top of his back. Shockingly, he moved his hands up to support you. You were now on his back. "Oi! Put me down Tae!" He gently slid you off his back and you both lied down in each other's arms.
Taeil was leaning against the backboard with a pillow supporting him while you had your head rested on his chest. He played with a strand of your hair as you fumbled with the massive sleeves. "You didn't need to use the chair then if you could easily punch the guy" "I don't like punching you know that" "Why not?" "You're only saying this 'cause your boyfriend punches everyone" You giggled, "no I'm not now answer my question pabo" "I'm just not a violent guy." You were left speechless. Heists and casinos, always being in danger, that was called being non-violent? "Hard to believe huh?"
"But you blow stuff up like-" "I know but that's different. I can blow anything up, shoot a gun. I just hate skin to skin contact, there's something different about it, something personal that I don't like" He's a weird guy but nice all the same. "So what's this heist tomorrow?" "Raiding some bank an hour away" The last place they raided was 3 hours away so this seemed like an upgrade. Yet, the closer it was, the riskier it was. "Can I come?" You innocently asked. "No! Not this again!"
You'd previously asked to go with them but Taeil didn't want you there. He was afraid that if the police caught them then you'd go to jail as well. He cared about you too much to see you in jail. "Why not? I can borrow a mask and they'll never know!" "Not being rude but you might slip up, you've never done a heist before" "So, first time for everything" "Stop Y/N! You're a good girl, you don't need this kind of trouble" You smirked, "Tae I let myself in for this by being your best friend and agreeing to go out with U-Kwon. It's my choice" He rolled his eyes. At the end of the day, he couldn't control you, he could only advise you. Taeil got up from his place, "now go to sleep, you look shattered" Just this once you'd obey him.
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Using a chair in a fight is manly, but a frying pan is manlier.