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Hello Everyone! As some of you know, I write fan fiction. Recently many people have been requesting stories from different variety of groups. I am here to say that I will be doing requests!

Now in the past, I've done one of these cards, thing is... a lot of things happened leading to me not having time to work on them, and giving all my attention elsewhere. Therefore, that card was deleted because I wasn't going to do them any time soon. This time I will try to get every request done before the new school year starts.

How to request:

You can request any group. Leave a comment or message me saying what group member you would like. (Leave the group name as well) Give a specific genre that you would want it to be! (No Smut) Give a small explanation of the scenario you have in mind.


Bang Yongguk (B.A.P) (Fluff/Romance) When he proposes to you.

One More Thing:

I might get hate for this, but I will be taking requests for femalexfemale or malexmale as well! *Hint: I'm currently writing a femalexfemale one shot!
@MichelleIbarra Okay, than, just to let you know, the story might be a little crazy....Cause, I might be a little crazy.... 😅😅😁
Can you do more than one person???
@MichelleIbarra for sistar umm lol can it be both ships xD
@MichelleIbarra or mamamoo! angst and romance also high-school
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