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(This type of mask)
She walked In making her look like a role model. Her body was surprisingly perfect! She walked towards the wall and pushed a bottom that was attached. Music started playing, U-Kiss Stalker was on. She went to the pole and made her back face it. She went down then picked her ass up in the air. She then placed her hands on her legs and rubbed her legs going up. Her hands went from her legs, to her waist, to her chest, and finally her neck. She tilted her head back then put down her hands. She faced the pole and grabbed it. She squatted down making her ass stick out. Damn she looks hot. Wait what am I thinking! Flashback * "Losen up a bit"- Namjoon . Flashback ends * I should Losen up a bit. I thought. I looked at the girl that already has her legs up in the air. The song finished and changed into ZICO Eureka. She walked in front of me and sat on my lap facing me. |Maiko's pov He's Cute. I'm starting to like my job. While I was dancing he saw my every move. He kinda spaced out then looked back at me. The song changed and I went up to him. I saw he had a bulge In his pants. I looked up at him and smirked. He probably doesn't know he has one. I looked straight in his eyes. I slowly took off my mask and threw it somewhere. When I did his eyes widen. What's wrong, he hasn't seen a girl's face before or what? "Y-youre so beautiful." He said shyly. He's so cute!!! I wanna play with him more. I pushed him on the bed and pinned his hands over his head. His breathing started to go uneasy. I bent down and whispered. "You're just my type." He suddenly got up looked at me surprised. "I am really sorry! I have a girlfriend!" He said. Fuck. "It's fine." I looked down and saw his bulge under his pants. "Let me at least help you with that." I said pointing at his Jr. He blushed madly and studered. "N-no y-you don't have to do th-that!" He said. "oh I insist. sense I like you, I'll let you do whatever you want." I said. I saw his member growing more. He turned around and said no thanks. .... .... .... I quickly pulled down his pants along with his boxers. His erection stood tall. And he was pretty big! "W-what are you duing!?" He said flustered. I didn't say anything. I gently licked his precum. He hissed. I put my mouth over it and took him all in. I started deep throating him. "Ah fuck!" He cussed. I bobbed my head and hollowed my cheeks to create more friction. "Im c-close!" I went faster and his liquid shoot out. I'm swallowed it whole and licked my lips seductively. "I didn't catch your name" I said. "J-jhope" he said a bit flustered. I stood up and went to the door. "What's your name!" - Jhope "Maiko Ootori" I said. I winked at him and left. I went to the man that would pay me for the special. "Here ya go darling " I took the money from him and left. I went a room that my boss gave me to change. I got in and changed into my black leggings, a white shirt, and white vans. I took off my makeup and picked my hair up In a bun. I grabbed my purse and put in the money I earned in my purse. Everyone left exept me so I went to my boss's room. "What Is it Maiko?" He said. "I came to get my money." I said He sighed and opened his cubby that was underneath his desk. He took it out and threw it at the desk. I grabbed it and started counting it. "$200 isn't enough for me" - Maiko "At least you get paid right" He said harshly. I got no comment for that. I sighed and left. It was 10:26 am. I went to the hospital and went to room 064 on the second floor. "Maiko! *Cough cough*" "Don't stand up too fast Tomoe!" "Sorry um just glad to see my sister here." I sighed. You guys might think that I'm a hoe that wants money for her own pleasure. Your kinda wrong. I am not a hoe, but I do need money. Not for my own pleasure, but because I need it to pay the doctors so they can quickly cure my brother from cancer. "Maiko, are you still working at that place?" -Tomoe. I sat down on a chair next to him. "Yes, Tomoe." - Maiko "I don't want you to work there no more" - Tomoe "I need to little brother. The other jobs didn't accept me, this is the only job I have to get paid and once I get paid enough you will be good as new!" - Maiko He sighed. "You're right. But I'd rather die than make my big sister suffer for me in a place where bad things happen" - Tomoe "Tomoe." All I could say was his name. I looked at his gentle but Stern eyes. "Hey sis, sorry I was kinda harsh there." - Tomoe I touched my cheeks and felt water. I noticed that I was crying. He probably felt bad because he said that, and thinks that he hurt me. I was pretty happy accually, to see that he cares for me than his own health. I hugged him. "Don't worry Tomoe, You'll soon get better. You'll see. " - Maiko |Jhope's Pov "So hyung, how was it?" - Namjoon. "Well, she was really pretty." - Jhope. "Did she do anything to you?" - Jungkook I looked down and remembered her down there. "Not really " - Jhope. All the members smirked. "We are gunna go there every Saturday hyungs" Said Namjoon.
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I LOVE THIS, FOREVER TAG ME!!!!! I forever give strippers their props for putting up with perverts and stuff, and they make bank so....*coughs* back up plan.
Hobi protesting that he has a girlfriend while he's getting sucked off was priceless! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
tagged please!! 😍😍
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