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I must say I have been waiting for Beast games to show up since I joined vingle. I am very happy that we now have them.THANK YOU @ChoiJiah and the 3Q Squad!!!...OK without further adue here are my results xp.
ahhh what a wonderful surprise!!
Hahaha Shall we split the fee?
Wow I didn't even have to pull out my wallet. Thank you....I'll bring you food.
Ah hello again. What are you doing here?
Yup I've seen him around a time or two and borrowed a flyswatter from him before.
WAAAH??? I'm confused......I got all pretty for Woonie.........∪ˍ∪........∩__∩ Gikwang, what shall we do today?
Ahhh thank you once again for this game!!! I'm not that good at tagging people so ask me to tag if you want. 3Q Squad @Tayunnie @ChoiJiah @Beauty1Monbebe2 @nikkynoel
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love this one too😄