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2nd Beast Screenshot games results!!
NEW GAME WHOOOP WHOOP. PWEEEZE keep the games coming...when you have time. I won't push. Thank you @ChoiJiah and Q3 Squad for this week...... OK here we go
You showed up to make sure Im bringing snacks didn't you?....I packed them last night just let me sleep a few more minutes then I'll get up. I didn't get much sleep last night since I was preparing.
I bought new shorts and I wanted wear them today...(T_T)...*flicks DuJun's nose* DON'T MAKE FUN OF MY AWESOME GALAXY SHORTS JUST BECAUSE YOU CANT PULL THEM OFF...I still love you
JunHyungs shoulder was comfy but I put my legs on Dujuns lap and stretched out.
PSHHHHHH don't even try to lie Junhyung. I can see it's written all over your face and I got 5 others to back me up. *crosses arms*
Thank you!! Now....LETS BUILD THIS CASTLE!!!! *flings dirt*
I'm still a bit sour on getting flung Into the you have to do all the hard work. xp
Woonie I didn't even get to take a picture of it first....not cool.
OOOOOOO so many colors (☆∀☆)
0.o wait what??? *speechless*
Lets go out for a drink. I need a beer after Yoseob's confession.
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love it 🖒😄
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