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They are Around 5 months old and have very different characters. The top is Mueeza (Mumu) and his brother (Not sure older or younger) named Yoshi. Mueeza has the characteristics of a mix between an emo ninja cat, and a very boring empire king who calls his butler only when its food time with a hint of embarrased kid getting too much love from their parents when the drop them off for the first day of school. Basically he rarely meows, and only does when he's searching for his bro yoshi or in need of food which is fine, however, Mueeza never likes to cuddle with me while Yoshi is around because his brother is usually the one that approaches me first and gets jealous if he (muezza) recieves attention from me too long, to the point that they fight afterwards, and not the cute kind (well sort of cuz u know they're cats, nothing they do is not cute). Yoshi is a very talkative cat, he meows all day everyday which i like, it makes me feel like he actually understands what i say, and is very smart for a 5months old cat, up to the point where he would approach me upstairs whenever im as late as 1 minute within feeding time. Today, i think i understand how a parent might feel when they drop of their children for the first day of school, becase for the first time i dropped them of at a cat hotel to stay at as i am going on a 3 day trip with my family. i feel very anxious, sad and happy at the same time, which is not a very pleasent mix of emotions, although im excited for them to meet new friends, and am thankful that they dont have to through their first cat hotel stay alone, they have each other and i guess i just have to concentrate and hold on to that good vibe. i dont really know what normal posts on here look like, so hope this was at least a decent post!
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awww... soo cute! 😘😍