Hello Everyone! We are very happy that a HISTORY community has been created!
So we would like for you guys to get to know us a little! We wish to spread the support we have for HISTORY to others. We hope you enjoy this lovely fandom and thank you for joining~
MrsKyungil - Moderator
Hello, everyone! I'm Lexis and I also go by Lexie or Storia Mom. I'm 21 and my b-day is Oct. 7th. I knew about History from watching their Psycho MV, but truly became History trash in the Beyond The History era. I've been wholly devoted to them ever since and I adore everything they do for their fans. Kyungil was the only UB for a long time until DoKyun made me give in to him lol. YiJeong is now bias wrecker. I love dancing and sometimes do dance covers. I model for my aunt and I'm a cosmetologist. Always welcome to making new friends so please don't hesitate to chat with me~ πŸ˜ŠπŸ’š
@IsoldaPazo - Community Reporter
μ•ˆλ…•ν•˜μ„Έμš”!!! I'm Isolda or Sol. Pleased to meet you, I'm Puerto Rican so if my English isn't so good looking, blame Google translate. I bias this whole group honestly but I do lean more towards Dokyun & Sihyoung β™‘β™‘. I heard Psycho first but kind of past it up until their Just Might Die and I never past them up again. Major multi-fandom person but ugh, they need to estoppp being so handsome. Currently beyond 'trashed' with History so this may or may not be good. Jaja, I'm truly interesting, you just have to ask more question lol.
@VixenViVi - Professional Fangirl
Hi! μ•ˆλ…•ν•˜μ„Έμš”! μ €λŠ” λΉ„λΉ„μ΄μ—μš” λ°˜κ°€μ›Œμš”! I'm ViVi! Nice to meet you! I'm a History dork and always will be! Kyungil and Yijeong are my biases with the rest as wreckers lol so i basically bias them all. I got into History in Psycho era and never stopped. I love their Korean and Japanese work! I dye my hair weird colors, I have 2 dogs and 4 cats. I'm a gamer and a kdrama addict. I read when I can and I'm starting Korean language classes in August! I love making new friends so dont be afraid to talk to me and tag me in anything History!
@twistedPuppy - Party Helper/Planner
Yo, it's TwistedPuppy here but you can all me Vinny I'm for LA I'm 20 Turning 21 Sept 22. My bias from History is Yijeong but Sihyoung is creeping with his sexy voice and what not haha. I got into History when I was listening to kpop ground I was still new to kpop at that time and they just pop out of nowhere with Psycho and BOOM! I got hooked. If you haven't heard of them you have to; their cute funny and all over sexy lol.
So now that you know a little about us hopefully we don't like complete strangers lol
With our great teamwork we hope to show many great and amazing things about HISTORY to everyone here currently and the future members!
Please watch over us kindly and thank you again for joining this community!

We appreciate you all~