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HEEYYY!!! GGUUUYYSSS!!!! Jinny here, I've been spacing for awhile with writers block and I'm not gonna lie, I've had thoughts of just discontinuing it but I think for Kris's Fans and Chanyeol's would kill me. SOOO, Here is the grand Finale. WARNING: MATURE CONTENT This story is not based on the actual people so I can't be blamed if you don't agree with me about how they actually behave, in other words, this is not real!
RECAP:I continue, "I was sitting in the middle, their long legs and buff bodies were squishing me. Both of their bodies emanating heat, making me hot, and you know what happens when your drunk and hot. Clothes come off. I start to hitch up my skirt and pull at the sleeves. Chanyeol was trying to stop me from stripping down my dress, while Kris was trying to pull down my dress. My body didn't want to be held down, I kept squirming and that's when all hell broke loose. One of Kris's fingers, grazed my inner thigh and made me sit still. I had one free hand and I grabbed Kris's hand and I shoved it--" "STOP!!! I DON'T WANT TO HEAR THIS!" Everyone in the store looked at our direction, I tried to lower my voice and tell her that she's making a scene, but she turned feral eyes at me and bared her teeth. "You are Lying!! Kris would never do that! Just because you have a nice figure, doesn't mean he's interested in you. His type of women is not some shameless whore." My eyes widen at how quickly she snapped and the words rushing out of her mouth, like word vomit. I looked over at Kris and Chanyeol, mirrored expression of shock. I look back at her and taunt her, "So Jennifer, you think you're the right woman for Kris?". "I don't 'Think', I 'Know'! AND MY NAME IS NOT JENNIFER, IT'S JESSICA!!"
I look at her like WTF!!, "Sit yo ass down, before I lay you out." I said in a half-whisper half-growl. She kept standing there and I stood on my two feet. I faced her and I said, "Listen Jennifer, You're not the one Kris likes. On top of that, how would he like it if he went to your dorm room and saw what you have in your closet? Huh?!?" Her face blanched and then, her face grew as red as a tomato, "How F**king DARE you!" she bellowed. Her hands by her side balled into fists. I step closer to her, "How dare I??? You're the freaking psycho and stalker that likes Kris!" I turn my face to Kris and tell him, "Do you know that she has a shrine dedicated to you and a shrine dedicated to me? The lovely thing about mine is that she has my face cut out of pictures and 'DIE' all over my pictures." I face her again, seeing her glancing between me and Kris, panic flickering in her eyes. "She's also the culprit of leaking that photo of us to the tabloids." She gasped. "YOU have NO proof, that I did it!" she screeched. I narrowed my eyes and pull out my phone. "I have pictures and an email between you and a reporter.", I hand over my phone to Chanyeol, so he can show Kris; not wanting to put my guard down with this Crazy Ass Chick. "You can see someone's reflection holding a phone on the window inside the club, we came out of." I said, glaring at her. I felt that she was crumbling and knew that I would not back down, so she turned to Kris and reached over to grab his hands that held the phone. "Kris, Listen to me. Yes, I took the picture but I owed that reporter for a scoop, so he wouldn't use the one he found on me. But everything else, is a misunderstanding. I have no desire to date you. Please, BELIEVE ME!" she pleaded. I couldn't believe what I was hearing, how can she do this to Kris? How can she manipulate the truth with her twisted lies? There's proof of the shrine of her 'desire' for him in her CLOSET! Just as I was about to grab her hair, Kris stands up and looks at Jessica. "I believe you, Jessica,", he said. My heart plummeted to the abyss of my stomach. I felt so many emotions; injustice, betrayal, disbelief, distrust. I feel my eyes sting with tears threatening to overflow. "That you think that this is a misunderstanding, but, I can't be around you right now. You've made me doubt my girl, created a scandal so you wouldn't be, and for the many times, you've been there for me. I will overlook it, but I don't want to be friends with you anymore." He came around to stand next to me and he hugged me to him, I turn my face to his chest and let out the tears, I've been holding. So, many emotions overwhelming me; knowing that he actually believes me and is defending me, made me feel so happy. He starts to walk with me towards the exit and I hear chairs scraping the floor and a silence accompany us, while we stroll out of the coffee shop. I intertwine my fingers with Kris and look up to him, he faces me and gives me a small smile. It made me feel bad that he had to find out this way and to lose a friend, but he needed to know the truth. I stop walking, Kris looks down at his side questioning why I've stopped and I see the rest of the gang walk ahead of us. I felt so much for this man, in such a short time that it scares me to know that the following day, I will have to go back home without him. I stand on my tippy toes, all of a sudden, I'm sitting on my ass on the concrete, feeling pain radiate from the backside of my head. I touch the back of my head and feel something wet, I look at my hand and I see blood.


The blow to my head caused me to be disoriented, I slowly got up and I looked at Kris standing in front of me. His face showing concern and then glared at the attacker behind my back. I turn around slowly, feeling unbalanced and if I moved to fast, I feel like I would throw up. I see Jessica wielding a glass bottle of soju in her hand. Her hand was bleeding, the blood slowly trickling down her forearm to her elbow, still in a position to throw it, possibly at me. I chuckle, receiving a glare from her. "Why are you laughing? This isn't funny, you've ruined everything!!" she yelled. She was at least a good 10 feet away from me and it seemed like she was gonna close that gap, real soon. I just hope I don't pass out, while she lunges at me. I try to stall her, while I get my bearings. "Listen, I didn't ruin anything because there was nothing to ruin, in the first place. You're just mad because he chose me over you and the truth got out that you are cray cray and that you should be in a mental hospital." I take deep breaths, trying to make the place stop spinning. While I was doing LAMAZE breathing, she growled and lunged at me. I'm twice her size and bigger than her, so when she tackled me, it felt like a little kid trying to wrestle me to the ground. I stood my ground and I grabbed her hand that held the broken bottle, twisted her wrist to drop the bottle. She yelped and dropped it. Her arms wrapped around my waist and my arm twisted back to reach her wrist, I did the only thing I could do to defend myself. I kneed her in her stomach and felt the air whoosh out of her. She fell to her knees, gasping in pain. I grab her hair and pull up, so she can see my eyes. I saw fear and pain in her eyes. I felt a strong, warm big hand on my right shoulder. I glanced back and I see Kris shaking his head, reminding me to not kill her; well, that was my interpretation, anyways. I look back at her and I see tears running down her face. I drop my hand from her hair and I walk back to Kris. I reach for him and I see black crowding the edge of my sight. Then, darkness consumes me. ************************************************************************************ I feel movement under me, while I resurface to consciousness. I hear people talking, half-whispering. About whether or not to take me to the hospital or have a doctor come to the house. I groan at the thought of having to be checked out by a doctor. I have no problem with hospitals, I just don't want to pay the bill. I hear all talk quiet down. I open my eyes and I see a worried Kris looking at me. I open my mouth to say, I don't want to go to the hospital, but my throat hurts. Kris sees my pained expression and hands me a water bottle. I try to sit up from laying down on his lap but he puts his arm down gently on my chest and shakes his head 'no'. He grabs the bottle and drinks out of it and bends his head to meet my lips and lets the water trickle down from his lips to my own. I swallow the water gratefully, giving a small moan of appreciation and see his smirk featured on his beautiful face. The water soothed my voice and I voiced out my opinion about the hospital and the doctor. But I was overruled by them all, insisting to be checked out by a private physician and to not worry about the bill. We arrive at the house and I'm picked up, bridal style by Kris, into the house. Ma girls, Jasmine and Julie, by my left side of my bed; where Kris laid me down on. Kris on my right side with Chanyeol and Tao hovering near me. The guys had to go to an event, Chanyeol and Tao decided to hang back to make sure that the physician would check me out. After the physician left, saying that I need to make sure I don't move around too much and to drink water and pain medication for the rest of the day, I would be fine the next day. He said that the blood that was on my head was not my own, but the blunt trauma of being hit on the head can cause nausea and dizziness. I just slept all night, waking up at different times during the night. I saw that my clothes were swapped out with a long sleeve boyfriend shirt and my undies, Kris spooning me. I turn around in his arms and lay my head on his chest, listening to the heavy, strong heartbeat reverberate in my ears lulling me back to sleep. The following day, I awake around mid-afternoon. I get up and find my girls watching a movie and once they see me, they pause the movie and get up to give me a group hug. I laugh, "It seems that you haven't seen me in years.", smiling at them. "Jinny, we were so worried," said Jasmine. "YOU gave me a HEARTATTACK!". She hit my arm playfully. Julie hugged me once more, "Jinny, you are so brave and crazy. Kris told us what happened, how you goaded her and how you defended yourself. You are my role model." I laugh and walk to the kitchen to grab a bowl of cereal and shovel food in my mouth. I'm starving, obviously because last thing I remember eating was at the coffee shop. I felt so melancholy at the thought that today is my last day. "Hey, guys?", after I went to the kitchen and sat on the counter facing the living room where they went back to finish the movie, they looked at me. "When is our flight arriving?" They replied in 5 hours that means I only have 2 hours to spare before we have to go to the airport. I put my empty bowl of cereal in the dishwasher and walk to my room to grab my phone. I send a quick text to Kris, 'What are you doing?' I get up to shower, when I heard my ping go off. Kris MA BOO: At an event, we get out in an hour. How are you feeling? ME: I'm good, I feel bad because I couldn't see you before you left Kris MA BOO: Me too, but I left you a little present underneath your pillow. :) I walk over and find a little purple box and in it houses a silver necklace that contains a silver intricate key. ME: Thank you sooooo much, I love it !!!!!!!:0 :0 ;) Kris MA BOO: You have the key to my heart ;) ME: As do you <3 <3 <3 Will you see me off? Kris MA BOO: Wouldn't miss it for the world!!! ****************************************************************************** I'm waiting by my gate, I've texted Kris letting him know I'm already at my gate and ready to board. Thoughts of him and our time together make me misty-eyed, I quickly rub it away. My heart is constricted with agony of thinking he may not come and that this week will be that of a dream. That maybe this will only last for a few months and we will grow apart. The flight attendant announces that it will start boarding. I sent a quick text to Kris asking him where he is. No reply. I've had text from half of the members wishing me a safe flight and that they hope to see me next time they visit the States. I get a phone call, I look at the caller Id, KRIS MA BOO. I pick up, my heart accelerating with the hope that he will say that he is on his way. "Jinny, babe, I don't think I'll be able to make it." Kris said with a sad tone. I turn away from the gate and walk to the window facing the airplane. I feel that my heart is sliced through with his words. I hiccuped with the disappointment and sorrow that I felt, swallowing a sob. I cleared my throat, which felt constricted by my emotions, so when I spoke next, I sounded hoarse, "It's ok. We will see each other next time. You're probably busy now, so I'll ...just...go..." Each pause was caused by, trying to hold in my emotions. I click END and drop the phone in my bag. I see in my peripheral, people looking at me because I kept hiccuping and sniffling silently. I feel my legs float off the ground and I'm hovering with arms circled around my waist. I squealed and turned my head to see Kris there with a smug smile. He placed me on the floor and turned me around to face him. "Why are you hiccuping?" his wide smile says that he knew that he was the reason for it, but just wanted me to say it. "I just ...gulped...the air really fast, that's why!" My face burning hot with mortification. I hit him on the chest and tried to push him away, "How could you play like that, especially now?" as I said that, one of my tears betrayed me and rolled down my cheek. His smug smile was replaced with a grim smile, "I know, I'm sorry, just thinking that I won't be able to hold you and kiss you is already making me miss you." The urge to kiss him right here and now is suffocating me, but I realize I'm in public with a well-known celebrity. Which reminds me, where is the herd of fan girls? I look at him more closely and see his disguise, reminds me of a fashionable, expensive bum. I smile at the thought and he quirks his eyebrow. I shake my head, 'it's nothing'. He understood my thoughts and let it go. We heard that the flight will be departing in 5 minutes. He grabbed my hand and pulled it to the nearest staircase and went behind it, he pulled my body so close to him, not even a sheet of paper would wedge between our bodies. He bent down and placed soft butterfly kisses all over my face and gave me open-mouthed kisses on my neck, sucking and biting to leave his mark. Knowing that it won't come off for a few days. He trails back up to the underside of my jaw, I move my head to give him better access, when he reaches my lips, it's like a wild fire is blooming from the inside out scorching everything but his kisses and touches. He grabbed my hair and yanked gently, I gasped and he thrust his tongue in and had me melt like butter. He pulled away and my head landed on his chest, his rapid heart beat matching mine, when I heard the last call for my flight. He tilts my chin to face him and look him in the eye, "Before those marks fade away, I will make new ones to replace them. I'll see you off, come on." As he said that, he's eyes glinted of love and something hot that could burn my clothes off. I was standing at the gate, my fingers linked with his, he pressed a kiss on my knuckles and slowly let go. I walk backwards, my eyes never leaving his. He mouthed, I LOVE YOU. As a tear rolled down my face, I knew that this love will eventually fizzle out and we will never see each other again. When I reach my seat, I look across the seats to see my girls and I feel my lips tremble and I bring my hands to cover my face as I quietly cry my heart out.
**************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** 5 YEARS LATER I can't believe that I'm back in Korea. I wonder how the EXO members are, will they be able to recognize me? Oh, how I hope so. I'm pulling up to their dorm and I rush out of the car and knock on the door. Once, TWICE, Thrice! It opens up to Kyungsoo, rubbing his eyes, glaring at me. I smile and hug him tight, he freezes and remains immobile. I smell breakfast and I say, "Kyungsoo, did you miss me?" He looks at me with an impassive face, that if anyone passed by, he would like he was the intruder and I was the victim. I grin at him and announce my name, his face never changes. I start to worry, when I hear shuffling footsteps coming closer to us. Chanyeol pokes his head out and slings an arm around him, looks up to see who it was at the door. His face was so funny to see the different emotions fleeting on his face; flirty, recognition, surprise, and then, happiness tinged with sadness. I walked in the front door and gave him a hug, Kyungsoo stepped out of the way and just observed. "Wow, you have changed so much, Jinny! You've gotten a lot prettier and sexier!!" he chuckled, his low voice filled with happiness ringing in my ear. As his voice echoed throughout the house, more people gathered around the entrance trying to see who it was. "Get yo hands off, my woman, before I break it off." If no one knew that voice, then they might have actually been afraid but they knew that voice and everyone stepped back with a smile. I turn around, facing the doorway and see my husband, walk in. He carried our newborn baby boy and a carry-on bag in the other hand. I scooped my baby and cooed at him. Out of all the guys, Baekhyun actually started to cry. Everyone was happy to see us and we were ambushed with their questions, when cool-headed Suho suggested for their guests to come in and sit their weary souls on the couch. My grateful smile did not go unnoticed by Suho, which he returned one of his own kind smiles. While everyone was talking and laughing, the baby was being passed around by the members. Last I've seen my baby, Sehun was playing with him. I hear someone cry out, EWWW. My instincts told me to go to that voice. Chanyeol had vomit on his shirt and the baby started to cry. I gave a weak smile at Chanyeol and he just smirked. "Go get changed and I'll wash your clothes in a minute. I just got to clean the baby up." I look down at the baby and noticed he needed a quick bath. Kris walks over to me as I reach the bathroom and he asks what I need and I told him about an extra pair of clothes and diaper for the baby. He nods and runs over and comes back with everything and the baby shampoo. I smile at him, "You're such a great father, you know that, don't you?" He gives me a shy smile and shake his head, "No, but I aim to be. I've never been more attracted to a sexy MILF before." He waggles his eyebrows, causing me to blush. I turn around and I bathe the baby, I feel eyes on me as I glance back, I see the whole group crowding the entrance of the bathroom. All of them, making appreciative noises and cooing at the baby. These guys are bigger babies than JinKi. My baby boy is named Jinki, mix between JINny and KrIs. But I have a surprise for them all, even Kris; I'm going to have twins in 7 months.
**************************************************************************************** So, I wonder IF there is anything about the story you liked or didn't like. Please, let me know in the comments or DMS me if you please. Was anyone shocked? Did Anyone of you cry? How many of you are silent criers in Public? I AM!!!!! I hate it because you can tell if I'm upset by the choked up voice I try to control when I don't want to let it show. I would like to hear anything from you guys!!!! LoVE YOU!!!!!
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