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Door 1 - You got............Hyunseung oppa!
Hyunseung and you sat on the couch watching the TV when he jumped up and looked at you. You looked at him confused. He told you that he wanted to go to the dance studio. At first you didn’t want to until he explained that he needed you help as he had an idea for dance moves to a new song. You spent your time at the dance studio and had fun as you danced. After 5 hours of none stop dancing Hyunseung sat down next you. You were lying down, wore out having no energy to move. Hyunseung looked at you and said that he was hungry for chicken. You laughed thinking that no matter how tired he was, only to you that he was hungry. He was your 4D prince.
Door 2 - You got.........Yoseob oppa!
You laid on Yoseob’s couch waiting for him to get home. Yang Gaeng jumped up to lay next you to keep you company since you were really bored. You fell asleep not knowing that Yoseob came home and picked you up to place you on his bed. When you woke up, still sleepy, you saw Yoseob cooking in his small kitchen. You watched him cook and you could help but smile on how cute he was cooking. He was singing a song that he was practicing for one of the many musicals he was staring. He turned and walked over to you. He leaned in and kissed you on the cheek. You asked him what he was cooking and he told you that it was a surprise. You pouted and then walked back into the living room with Yang Gaeng following behind you.
Door 3- You got..........Dongwoon oppa!
Dongwoon gave you a mischievous smile with his hands behind his back. You slowly walked backwards making sure you didn’t run into anything. When you looked back to see how far the kitchen was you felt something cold hit you stomach. You turned to face Dongwoon once you made it behind one of the counters. You grabbed you squirt gun and before you knew it a water gun war within you house. After ours of playing you waved a white flag saying you were done and out of water. Only he didn’t know that you were pretending that you were out of water. Dongwoon was done and had no more. He met you in the living room and wanted to call it truce until you lifted you water gun and hit him with water you had left. You laughed at his shocked face and then you blushed when he was looking at you wet shirt. You forgot that you were wearing a light colored shirt and that he could see what was underneath.
Door 4- You got.......Doojoon oppa!
You were nervous since you invited Doojoon over for a meal that you made for him on his birthday. This was the first time that you cooked for him and you were in a bundle of nervous as the time tick by. When the door bell rang you jumped before walking over to the door to let him in. Doojoon stood there giving you his sweet smile and handed you flowers. You told that it was his birthday and that he didn't need to give you flowers. He told you that for a beautiful woman that was his; he wanted to give you flowers. You smiled and happily took the flowers. After you placed the flowers in water you walked over to the table where Doojoon was seated. He was surprised at all of the food that you made for him. You told him happy birthday and he leaned over to you and gave you a light kiss on the lips. You blushed since it was the first time you two kissed. He smiled while chuckling at your surprised face.
Door 5- You got........Gikwang oppa!
You had the soccer ball at you feet as you watched Gikwang move from side to side at the goal. He kept calling you name saying that you wouldn't make it past him. You ignored him and kicked the ball into the goal passed him. You jumped up and down because you were so happy to that you made a goal. Gikwang was upset, though he was playing as if he was. You felt bad and told him that it would only happen one time because on how good he is. He cheered up and told you that he wasn't upset because he was proud of you. With that he kissed you on the cheek and went back to the goal for another round. You sat there shocked at what he did and from the looks of it he was happy of what he did.
Door 6- You got......Junhyung oppa!
Junhyung was working hard on another song. He worked so much that he wasn't able to spend time with you. So you thought today you could surprise him with his favorite food that you spent all morning making for him. You knew that he would be busy so you placed on the table by the couch in his studio. He was so into in work that he had no idea that you walked in. So you wrote a note saying:
Oppa I know that you are working.
So I made you something to eat.
Work hard Oppa you're the best!
You went home while running into some of the members' and you said hello before leaving. When you got home you cleaned up the mess you made that morning. When you were done cleaning, you went into the living room to read a book with the tv on to make some sound in the quite apartment. Your phone buzzed and you saw a message from Junhyung.
Thank you jagiya the food was delicious!
It gave me so much energy that I was able to
finish three songs.
Saranghae ^_^ <3
You had a smile for one ear to the other. You were happy that the food you made helped in what he does best.
Thank you to those who played I will have part 2 up next week. I will also give a few days that way I can take my time to make the results super awesome for part two. Hope you all enjoy.
Q3 Squad!
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OMG how did I get so lucky??? Hyunseung is my bias!!! ❤️❤️❤️
waaaahhh I didn't get Woonie or Jun Hyung....oh well Gikwang is awesome....only thing is Im not active.....he would have to play like he is dying in order for me to even get the ball passed him. I suck at soccer.
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Gikwang so cute!!!
Aww I got Doo Joon!