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Hello! I'm Kyokeo and I'm taking part in this competition on team Kihyun! For this card, I will give gifs of Kihyun being cute, sexy, and funny. Let's begin!


His smile is so adorable! In the last gif when his cheeks are puffed up... <3


He looks amazing when he sings, and those lip bites and winks though :o


Kihyun does some really weird actions such as changing his face that makes you want to luagh so hard and doing weird robot dance moves xD

Bonus Gif!

I hope you guys enjoyed the many enjoyable sides of Kihyun! He is adorable, sexy, and hilarious! He can make anyone who doesn't stan him flutter or laugh inside with a simple action ^^
Team Kihyun!!!
Monsta X Team:
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How do we help a team win? Is their voting or ?
a year ago·Reply
@P1B2Bear I believe when the challenge ends, there will be voting. 4 of the teams will win and 3 of them will lose? I'm not too sure of it but it's something like that.
a year ago·Reply
@Kyokeo well you have my vote 😉
a year ago·Reply
@P1B2Bear Thanks! Please anticipate for more awesome Kihyun cards from our amazing team! ☺️
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