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Hey guys!! Did you enjoy the fireworks yesterday? I didn't get to see anyel because it rained I'm sure you all got a laugh out of that story yesterday. Btw, I was 17 at the time, and surprisingly, I didn't pass out like my parents thought I would. Anyways, you're not here to hear me blab my mouth, you're here to meet the next member. Drum roll please!!!
Minsung!!!! His real name is Kim MinHwi (김민휘) According to the members hus nicknames are MinwiMinwi (미뉘미뉘), Minssongssang (민쏭쌍), Hwi (휘), and Heondang Hwiseonsaeng (헝당휘선생) That last one is no joke... Anyways, he was born on Dec. 24, 1996... oh, that's convenient. I wonder if he gets more presents or if its all put together. He's also one of the vocalists and a dancer. He's 5'11" tall and his hobbies include swimming, kendo, and cry acting. I didn't even know that was a real thing.
He wanted to become a singer in his 3rd year of middle school after watching other artists perform at Dream Concert. His childhood dream was to become a dentist, but he gave it up because he was bad at studying. He trained for a little over a year before debut. His members described him as dorky, foolish, unpredictable, kind, timid and hard-working, and he also has the habit of sleeping with his mouth open.
Well, that's all for today until next week on Minsung Tuesday. Hope you guys like these cards. Just two more members guys and then it's Kangmin Friday again!!! WAHOOO!!! If you guys will like to be tagged for any future Romeo posts, be sure to say so in the comments below. With that said, I'll see ya guys tomorrow!! 안녕!!!! Kpop Kik Fam @selfishmachines @Winx9119 @Rochellerose @BBxGD @TheEnlightment @evieevelyn @UKissMeKevin @matokokepa Juliet Fam @EwSeungkwan @turntuptae @nikkynoel