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Hi! So I'm not new to the concept of fanfictions, but I am relatively new to writing them. I finally found one of my drafts that I like and plan to keep with. I tend to write a few chapters, get bored, and stop. But I finally found one that I like.
I don't particularly know what kind of feedback it will get, but I hope someone likes it.
It will be D.O x OC
It's called "Recovery". It's about D.O meeting a fan that has a brain tumor.
Here's my actual description from wattpad: Lauren has been given the opportunity to meet her favorite celebrity. Despite it being a great weekend for the both of them, D.O loses her. But life gives him a replacement-someone that helps him cope with his loss.
I already made 7 chapters and I have a clear idea of how I want to take it. So I hope someone will notice it and enjoy it haha. Seriously, I'm new to this.
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I would LOVE to read it! Sounds great!