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Hey guys! Happy summer!!!! Hope all is well! A lot has happened since I started this story and so far, I'm happy on where it is going. This chapter is a little more grown up so be warned. Hope you guys enjoy!!!!!
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Jiyong looks at you with surprised eyes. He didn't expect for you to become so sassy in a matter of minutes. Within a couple of steps, Jiyong scoops you up and carries you to the bed, bridal style. You passionately kiss him while running your hands in his hair. He then gently lays you down on the bed and you pull him closer to you.
You feel his hands run up your back and you feel your body erupt in goosebumps. Your hands then move to the front of his shirt. You slowly start to unbutton his shirt. You feel his hands go from your back to help you. You instantly swat his hands away with a sly look in your eye.
Jiyong then gives you a look that always gets you weak in the knees. Tonight you planned on dominating him, if he lets you have your way. You shook your head no, not letting those eyes pull your heart. You then take his hands and puts them over his head. You then take a satin ribbon and ties his wrists together and whispers in his ear, sit back and enjoy the ride. Jiyong then looks at you with a surprised expression and a smirk and said do your worst while sticking his tounge at you. Oh I plan to you said with an evil glint in your eyes.
You then straddled him and slowly started to unbutton his shirt while you started to kiss on his ear. You was already prepared to work him up in a tizzy. You then started to nibble on his ear as you hear a slight moan come from his lips. You started to trace your finger along his chest as your other hand ran through his luscious locks. You crawled up on him, slowly grinding on him. You felt him thrust upwards towards you. You hear Jiyong moan out your name as you bit your bottom lip.
You decided to untie his wrists, wanting to feel his hands run all over your body. Once Jiyong realized that his hands were free, his hands quickly went up to your waist and you felt a gentle squeeze. You giggled at the sensation that it gave you and you started to grind on him. The sensation was starting to become a bit too much for Jiyong and the next thing you know he flips you on your back and starts to kiss you aggressively. Once the two broke for air, Jiyong starts to leave a trail of kisses along your face to your ears. Once he reached your ear, he whispers, are you ready for love, as he bit on your ear lobe. You breathed out a yes as your hips buckled up. Jiyong then takes your wrist and ties them up and whispers, now its my turn.