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i don't know if this has mature content i'm just writing...going with the flow here so if there is i apologize.....
Jackson was really starting to get annoyed with Yugyeom's Bull crap. For the past week the maknae been trying to make his life as hard a possible. Jackson let the first few shoulder bumps go but then it progressed to yugyeom making him 2 hrs late for their dance practice. He was forced to make up those 2 hours after practice and had an additional hour added on for the rest of the week. When they had a meeting with their manager Yugyeom told everyone that Jackson was staying home because he was sick and imagines his surprise when he went outside and the van was gone! He only found out what Yugyeom had said after he had texted Junior and the manager cursed jackson out for it as well. Yugyeom also wasn't above hurtful words either bringing Mark up as much as possible whenever Jackson tried to goof around which ultimately ruined the fun, laid back atmosphere.
Deciding he had enough Jackson went to Yugyeom and Bam Bams room in order to straighten out everything like he tried to do a week ago, but Yugyeom brushed him off like he wasn't even talking to him. Bam Bam wasn't even trying to help since he started to act like Yugyeom's little lap dog, and when Jackson tried to approach him separately he would make some lame excuse of why he couldn't talk at the moment.
Though Yugyeom was being an ass there was a bright side to this week. Two days ago He and Jb started dating officially , however they choose to keep it from the rest of the group for the time being. It wouldn't blow over to well with the others, since everything with Mark still has the group feeling tender.
Jackson alarm goes off and he smacks the snooze button knowing that he only has 5 minutes before the offending piece of technology goes off again. switching his alarm to off 1 minute before its due to go off again, Jackson gets up and puts on his Jb Got7 hoodie. Its a way to say that he and Jb are seeing each other without, actually saying so.
Jackson puts on his slippers and makes his was to the kitchen yawning , missing the time when he was on Roommate. When he woke up in the morning breakfast was done, when it wasn't his day to help out bad it's everyone for their self here. Just as Jackson was about to head straight for the fridge Jb voice sounded from behind him. "I already made you breakfast so you don't have to worry about it." Jackson Turned around to see Jb holding french toast topped with whip cream and strawberries "Forbidden Food" and Jackson stomach grumbles in agreement to eat the dish. " Thanks...You didn't have to." " What kind of boyfriend would i be if i didn't make food for you." Jacksons ears turned a bright shade of pink and even though he didn't want to admit it he was really happy Jb said that. " Shut up." " I know you're not offended." Jb said before he planted a small kiss on his boyfriends lips.
the two ate in silence for a few minutes before Jb spoke again. "So have you seen Marks instagram post lately?" Even though Mark left the group Jb still talks about him like they are all still cool with each other and Jackson finds it uncomfortable but reassuring at the same time. "No i haven't been up there Lately why do you ask." Jb takes a bite of his french toast and swallows it before answering, he's acting like he's trying to pick a nice way to say what he's about to. " It seems our little Markie pooh and Bangtans Min Yoongi are spending alot of time together." Jackson is surprised, he remembers Mark saying that his ideal type was cute, small, kind, and energetic. Min Yoongi was only two of those things. and the most important trait was kindness to Mark, which Yoongi didn't seem like he had to Jackson. " Are you sure, Yoongi doesn't seem like he is Marks type."
"How would you know what Marks Type is?" Junior stated while walking into the kitchen. "Well then you might, i mean he did seem to previously have a thing for assholes right Jackson. Un-Apologetic ass holes at that. Any way the manager wants us all in the living room pronto." Junior left taking and apple in tow...he still believes in the an apple a day, keeps the doctor away motto.
when Jb and Jackson finally appear in the living room its dead silent and no one is looking at each other, and surprisingly Yugyeom isn't even glaring at him or JB. When Jackson and Jb sit down the manager finally begins to speak. "I know that everything is tough with Mark leaving for an extended period, until he see's fit to return, but that does not excuse the behavior that's been going around for the past week. Yugyeom you lied about Jackson being sick and you made him late to practice so you will have the same punishment that i gave to Jackson. Bam Bam it doesn't help that you are being an accomplice to Yugyeoms rude behavior, you should've stopped him whenever he did something out of line. For the rest of you not including Jb, you are acting like bystanders to the issue going on between these two. If you guys can not get it together and talk it out like the grown adults you are there will be repercussions, you are lucky that the fans haven't noticed your behavior, if they had that would've caused an issue. By the time i get back tommorrow your issue's better be resolved or else." the manager leaves after that and the room is left silent with an even heavier atmosphere.
"I don't believe i have anything to apologize for, we all know that it's Jackson and Jb fault why Mark left the group, and then they act as if nothing happened in the first place. If you weren't such a bitch to Mark, Jackson, he would still be here! How can you even call yourself his best friend!" " Yugyeom stop... putting blame isn't going to help us work this out." "SHUT UP JUNIOR! we all know so just face the facts already, i don't want anything to do with these two, i'll act like everything is all right for the manager and for the sake of our job but in the dorm stay the hell out of my way." Yugyeom storms off and slams his bedroom door behind him.
"Look i agree with Yugyeom." Youngjae stated before getting up. "It is your fault you to, and you should try to reconcile with Mark before you come back to us trying to have this conversation.I also can see why Yugyeom is upset, he liked Mark so much and only to have Mark end up being hurt by you, its like a slap in the face wanting your crush to have happiness only to have it ruined." Jinyoung motioned for the others to get up and they actually listened. Everything was happening so fast Jackson didn't understand what was happening, reality hit him when Bam Bams fist connected with his face. taken aback Jackson couldn't say anything as he turned to see Juniors fist headed Jb's direction right before it connected with his face. "Take that as a warning, we are band members and housemates but as for friendship we aren't friends anymore, not until you to can fix what you've screwed up. Until then you two are on you own." The others walked out of the living room leaving Jackson and Jb alone. Jackson was trembling on the flow trying to make sure the tears in his eyes wouldn't come out. Mark is with Yoongi and he's perfectly happy he should be happy for him but he isn't. He wants to be selfish and have Mark come back and say he forgives Jackson so they can make up and everyone can be friends again, but that's not what's happening. He can feel Jb's hand on his back trying to tell them the other members will come around eventually, but they both know what Youngjae said is right, if they fix the issue with Mark they will be cool, but if they don't....
They're screwed.
Im going to try to start writing from their point of view not mine.....i'm just not really good with that, if you know what i mean.....and i might continue this for the next chapter.......or start and new not sure......i think ill go with a new romance kind of thing.
do you mean, the first chapter? @twistedPuppy
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