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Ichigo uses the final Getsuga Tenshou
The reason that I am going with this attack as my number one is because Ichigo used it to defeat Aizen, knowing good and well that he would lose all of his Soul Reaper powers. This also means that he knew he would no longer be able to see 2 of his closest friends: Rukia and Renji. Yet he still did all of this to save his town in the human world...even with the excruciating pain he would go through within the next couple of months, plus his painful goodbye to Rukia.
SHIT!!! This is a hard challenge since it is anime based. If it was a MANGA challenge, it would be soooooo much easier!! Hahaha
Maka shows her weapon form
Soul Eater
So, this was an AWESOME scene in the anime for sure... Don't get me wrong.. But the fact that this is non existent in the manga, and most of you should know already how much I LOVE the manga and how much I hate the anime ending, even so, this scene was pretty badass. I love Maka regardless if in anime or manga, she is my most favorite! (:
Sogeking wages war on Enies Lobby
One Piece
Sogeking, burns down the government flag in Enies Lobby while the Straw Hats are trying to save Nico Robin. Seriously, the most bravest thing he has ever done!!
Tsuna uses cambio forma
Hitman Reborn!
Again, I apologize that I am unhealthily obsessed with Tsunayoshi Sawada at the moment. <3
Killua's godspeed
Hunter x Hunter
Killua is my most favorite character in Hunter x Hunter because he is the most badass assassin I have ever seen in my life, plus he is nothing but loyal to Gon. His advance in learning nen and what not and bringing out his lightening abilities is just unbelievably awesome!!
I wish I could go on and on with this card, I literally could, but i will stop here! I hope you all enjoyed and until next time! (:
Tagging some nakama..
Oooh that's a good one. I haven't seen Seven Deadly Sins in awhile!!! @IvanHusak @JosiahQuick
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fairy tail: dragon slayer secret art hidden fire form blazing Phoenix blade bleach:final getsuga tenshou /mugetsu, and of course . . . . . . KAME HAME HAAAAAAAAAAAAA
I'm really obsessed with Tsuna as well
Yeaaa I used manga version for that one. @HiwaRasul
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