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Of course my bias is my first!
Annnd here comes the wrecker doing what he does best...
Was our first time a one night stand? But I love you Dokyun!
Really Gil? Ok as long as it's nothing too weird LOL. (come on phone there ARE other members too ya know)
Ha! That's right my love keeps him coming back for more! *I dream about you too bae no worries ^~^
Ahh really now... truth he looks like he would be.. *blushes*
Sihyoung! Finally someone else lol. Erm Sihyoung? Um about that.. rough.. stuff *coughs* yea not saying anything else..
Jaeho what a sweetheart. I knew you were caring.
After all that back and forth between Dokyun and Kyungil it's Sihyoung?! Well. That was unexpected. Ok I can deal with that ^^ Thanks for the fun game @MrsKyungil I enjoyed it a lot!