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That awkward moment when Fred Jones goes out of his way to describe the freak mass-injury he caused, maiming almost 50 innocent bystanders, and maintains his charming Dream Teen smile the entire time. Should we be afraid?

Who else grew up on Scooby Doo?

Did you guys hear about how 'Scooby Snack' was added to the Oxford Dictionary this year?

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@danidee how! he was always so hilarious xD hahahaha nah, buy my favorite seasons for animation is def the what's new, scooby doo series. that's my ideal animation 馃憣 BUT scooby dum is hilarious so he's my fav x) I remember when I was in Jr high I drew and colored a pic of him to put in my school binder xD remember when that was a thing? making your binders al personalized? LOL
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@hanetama YES I LOVED MAKING MY BINDER. I'd always have pictures of my friends that go to other schools on mine because I didn't want anyone thinking I was a loner.
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@danidee awww so cute <3 hahaha yeah, those were the days, right?! lol
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@danidee yes it was and it looked exactly like the cartoon
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@VeronicaArtino That's crazy! I wonder how many real Mystery Machines there are driving around the US these days.
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