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kpop lockscreens special
hello ! so i know i've taken a veerrry long break from lockscreens and now i think i'm back! so i know i had a bunch of requests stacked up and i would really appreciate it if those who requested back then, would say their requests on this card. it would make it easier and more organized for me to get the lockscreens out asap. but for now i have a couple* lockscreens that i made from music videos or artists that i've been recently listening to. enjoy ! * i lied it's actually a bunch of lockscreens
all of these are pictures from seventeens recently released mv called "아주 NICE (very nice)" a couple of the lockscreens are a certain member *cough* my biases *cough* i really loved it and it's an extremely catchy song
this song isn't as recent but i did recently get into apink. they have such a nice sound to them and each of them has a unique voice. i got into apink through watching the shows "plus nine boys" which chorong is in and "sassy go go" which eunji is in. both are extremely good dramas and i recommend them !
this was somewhat recent but i think by now anyone who pays attention to my account should know that bts is my bias group. i absolutely loved this song when it came out and i still do. it's very catchy and makes you want to dance ! also there's one that has my ub of all time my bby taehyung :')
idk why but i've gotten really and i mean REALLY into nct u and ussjdjsndjsbxjdbsj so many feelings at once. but they're a very talented group and their music is really chill
i recently got into AOA and i still haven't learned all the names yet but i'm working on it. their songs are really catchy and their sexy concept (that's been going on for a while) is cool.
oh good you have no idea how much i love this song. it's so catchy and they all look so pretty and edgy in the video. that's really all i have to say XD
so i found AKMU through k ville entertainment on youtube. they were on one of the top charts and i noticed the vocals of the two were amazing and they have this unique sound that i think is kind of hard to pull off in the korean music industry. i wanted to do a re-bye lockscreen but it was a little hard considering that how people move is so aesthetically pleasing :-)))
that's all for now ! thanks for liking, requesting, and clipping ! let me know if you want to be tagged in these cards and just comment if you have a request or want to be taken off. before requesting please check out my rules card.
Yayyy!! I'm so happy you're back!=D Could you pretty please make me a lock screen for Sehun of EXO and a lock screen of Wooshin from UP10TION?
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Can you do GOT7?
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So happy you're back! These are all amazing!! Could you do one for shinee and one of Baekyeol if you have time?
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YASS YOU'RE BACK! Could you do Taeyeon? And i want the song called "Why"
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