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There was an earthquake in Korea last night off the coast of Ulsan (slightly north of Busan)

(minor, no huge damage reported but there is a risk of mud slides!)

Here's the word for earthquake:

지진 - Ji-jin

Here are a few words to know if you're in an earthquake in Korea:

도와주세요! - Please help!


주의 - Caution


비상구 - Emergency Exit


기다려요 - Wait, stay

But really, if you're experiencing an earthquake, find something hard and stable to hide under. Running around trying to get out of a building can actually hurt you more as you might fall or be hit by falling objects. Try to wait out the shaking, then find a way out.

Have you ever felt an earthquake?

I'm from Southern California so I've been in quite a few :/

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The earthquake we had a few years back on the east coast was crazy. Everyone thought the world was ending meanwhile, the west coast was laughing their asses off at us lol
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only a few, earthquakes are very recent in the Midwest(Kansas, Texas, Oklahoma) so most of the time I don't feel them as they are just minor ones. I've noticed a few cracks here and there but no major damage, wind is what we have to worry about mostly.
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California nice pleace to live. earthquakes not my favorite subject !
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I'm born in Mexico City And I remember the 1985 Earthquake a nightmare!😢
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only 1 in my entire life... it happened in Louisville KY. I was asleep. my daughter and husband we're sleeping. please tell me why I am the only one who heard the TWO FRICKIN SEMI TRUCKS HITTING head on. when it happened. just some years back. they both slept through it! very useful info...
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