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Team Shownu Sexy Dance
I found this video on YouTube. Its SISTAR's Soyu and Shownu sexy performance. I found this video interesting because it shows how diverse of dancer he can be. I mean he can dance sexy in a group, dance sexy solo, and even dance sexy in a duet. I'm like WOW! I don't know how Shownu keep impressing me but he does. That's why he derseves all the votes he can get. VOTE SHOWNU @PrettieeEmm MONBEBE: @mahelysandoval @lexxcisco @alyssagelet818 @vkookie47 @starbell808 @cristinreynolds @bubblekookie @chace @serenitythao @johnevans @eliseb @stefanitre @vatcheeafandi99 @crystalguerra @deeingee @kiinlyr @emilypeacock @aliciazitting88 @mitchix5 @hopekookie @linnyok @isoldapazo @xxxtina @aimeeh
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