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I love GOT7 and I love every song by them but I started wondering what GOT7 fans favorite songs by them are. So tell me what your favorite song by them is!

Do you like Girls Girls Girls?

See the light

Home run

Stop Stop it


Just right

If you do

Follow me

Confession song

So out of these GOT7 songs which was your favorite? (These are my favorite GOT7 songs) My favorite is Just right.
Just right is my favorite💙
See The Light is my favorite. My daughter's seems to be A.
just right is my favorite but I still love them all
Every song!! ♥♥ But for real, MV wise I love Just Right, See the Light, Fly and If You Do. Though I seriously love their songs that don't have MVs. For example, Like Oh, REWIND, Forever Young, Moonlight, and Good Tonight.
I love them all, but would have to say "See the Light" is my current favorite. The strength and crispness of JB's voice and Jackson singing so smoothly just melts me. I would say from a pure audio choice Girls, Hirls, Girls is my least favorite, but as a video it rocks with the dancing and visuals.
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