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Is It Ever Too Early To Say I Love You?

Two weeks? A year? Whenever you feel it?

This video interviews a few people about how and when they say "I love you" but it seems like its different for every single person.

I could see a negative being that your partner isn't ready, it makes things awkward, and sort of fizzles the relationship, but then should you have really been in that relationship anyway?
Personally I don't think saying "I love you" is any huge deal, but some people find it really important and special so like I said I think everyone will have a different opinion!

One quote I found interesting was, "I'm never the one to say it first, but I'm the one to feel it first."

Do you think you can say 'I love you' too early or that you should wait a certain amount of time before saying it?

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I rarely even tell my family and friends I love them so relationship wise I'm not sure if I've ever said it…
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See it depends even if you don't say i love you. It is shown from your body language. Its just like if you are confident that the other person is also in love with you. you should share ypur feelings.
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no irs never too soon to say i love you.
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I've never said it, and even though I felt like saying it. The only time I really said, it, was when he said it first! And then, I felted more comfortable saying it, when I felt it. Just like him.😅 *I also, want to comment to the fact that most of use don't want to say it, because we are afraid that will be heartbroken or the relationship is not going to last or most of all you, don't want to be seen as the deep in love fool 😒
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i am in a relationship right now and I have already said i love you but we have been dating for a month now
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