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If The Sims Truly Simulated Our Lives
Could you imagine how boring playing The Sims would be if they literally only did the things we do every day? No hot tubs. No hanging out with other people. Just staying wrapped up in a blanket in their room watching Netflix on their pixelated laptop.

If you were a Sim, what would gameplayers watch you do?

Personally, I study all the time. It'd just be a Sim sitting around a bunch of books and pens and highlighters, drinking coffee, and texting a friend when I have a question. (Zzzzz...)
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Anime,manga, PC games, and the occasional moments of a highly pixelated laptop (dat yaoi) 馃槇馃槆 lol
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They'd watch me scream at people, play with kitties, play sims ofc hawhaw and also, lie in bed and cry all day. :/
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@SarahSutcliff LMAO I just imagined a Sim watching yaoi anime, and I'm just like O.O
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@SaoG WHY DO YOU CRY? :( Don't cry.
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Anime, Manga, some PC games, drawing, and stuffing my face as I slowly become one with the couch
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