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Part one: The First day of school..
Dear, Bloggers Hey again it's me, my mom came over and cooked baked spaghetti. I'm sorry last time was so short but this time it won't. Oh, I forgot to tell you my name. Well, Hi my name is Clare. So get started shell we. (First day of school) "Here you are Hun, for first day of school in Korea." My mom said. I looked at her as if she was crazy. I can't believe my mom got me to a rich school. "Mom can I plus go back home now." I said. She laughed and gave me a kiss. I got out the car and looked at the school I'm going to be going until graduation. I looked around and saw a lot of Asian student. This is the first school I even been to where I see nothing but asians. (It was bad or anything it's just I wasn't used to it.) I walk closer to the school when I bumped into a girl. "I'm sorry I didn't see you." I said trying to be nice. "Who is this bitch stepping on my shoes." She said. Some people came around us and was trying to see what was going one. "Uhmm, I said I'm sorry, you didn't have to call me a bitch." I said to her. She smacked her lips, She raised her hand and was about slap me. But some guy stop her. "Come on it's the first day of school of a new year. Do you have to have a problem with the new girl." He said. She turned to a guy holding her wrist. "But she have the nerves to step on my news JB." She said. JB just looked at me and then back at the girl. "Don't worry about that girl. You are better than her anyway. How about this I'll by you some new shoes." He said to her. She scream and hugged him. She puss me out the way. I just looked at her and want to hit her in the head. "Hey look first day of school and I'm already starting something." I said to myself.
The bell ring and I ran to class. I got in the class and didn't really see alot of people. I sat next to a girl will red ribbons in her hair. She looks like one of those Japanese anime characters. when I sat down, she turn towards me with a smile so big that the sun couldn't win. "Hi! are you new here?" I just looked at her, she is kinda cute. "Uhmm yea I am." She smiles even bigger that before. "Well hello, my name is Sunny." She put out her hand. I shook it, I really wasn't to surprise by her name. It actually fix her personality. "Welcome to Seoul Academy." "Well this school it's cool." I started to put my stuff away in my desk until I saw the same girl for earlier. She had the same guy with her and five others. I looked at them as they walked in. As they was walking towards where I saw sitting she stop and looked at me. "YOU BITCH!!! WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU IN MY SIT? PLUS IN MY CLASS?" Everybody in the class just stop and looked at me. "Uhmm becasue one your name isn't on the seat. Two becasue I was told to come to this class." Everybody in the class was shock that I said that. Sunny looked at me as if I was on drugs. She learn over next to me. "Uhmm, I know you new and all, but that's Sarah Wang, her father own this school, and you shouldn't talk to her like that." I laughed out loud when Sunny said that. "So she nothing but a spoiled brat." I can could tell she was mad. Her face was so red, you could see stream coming out her ear. I looked at her as I watch her face. I laughed the whole time while she is just mad, but then something change. Everybody in the class room look towards the back door of the class. I was still laughing when I felt a hand on my shoulder. "So this is the new girl that's giving my little sister trouble." I turned around and looked at the guy behind me. He got closer into my face. "So you the little brat that's mess with my sister huh?" I looked around and saw that he place his hand on my shoulder. I didn't even give him a time to think before I flipped on the floor. "Don't touch me you creep." I trust off my shoulder as I sat back down. He got back up and smiled. Lean over to my ear. "Welcome to my school sweaty where I'll make your life a living hell." I just looked at him, and laughed again. I turned around and started to like this school.
Well that's all for part on my bloggers. I know you guys want more but the baby is crying and I gotta get it ready for bed. I tell all about how my life got messed up by Jackson Wang. but bye now

here you go sweety I'm sorry that I couldn't give you all the story today but trust me it's worth the wait
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the beginning sounds interesting..,lots of things could
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