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Omo a third game and I am excited to share with all you awesome B2uties. This one will be relaxing.
He showed up at you door with movies and food.
He showed up with games to play.
He showed up with drinks because he wanted to party with you and the others.
He was already there surfing through your tv channels.
He was you neighbor that was always over and never left.
He sat on the couch complaining on how hungry and tired he was.
He helped you with the food and start one of the movies.
You sat in between these two (take two screenshots)
He realized that is was a scary movie so he was scared.
He laughed at how everyone was scared and then screamed like a girl minutes after.
Everyone was asleep except for him who helped you clean the popcorn and food mess.
Here you go for the 3rd screenshot game. Don't forget to tag me in the results and if you want make a story out of it.
Q3 squad!
Lovely B2uties;
Please ask to be added or removed from this tag list!
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@axosrain if you want to share it you can. if not that's fine too. I think it would be great to see it. it's you what you want to do.
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@Choijiah hmmmm fine I'll share it. I'll make a few changes then post it. I might as well since I sacrificed my precious sleep for it haha. I'll get it up today or tomorrow in two parts...or three
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@axosrain take your time there is no rush.
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eh I'm doing game 4 instead. I'll have it up maybe tomorrow.
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can you tag me please? 馃槉
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