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Adventure time cosplau
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@Pj91777 Do they have any licensed Princess Bubblegum wigs? I know I saw some inflatable Marceline guitars back in the day, but they were kind of ugly, so I just made my own out of foam board.
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@Pj91777 Lol! That would be fun but hard to handle hahahah. I have a few ones that are about to my mid back? And those get so tangled haha. I plan to cosplay Rapunzel's crazy braid wig someday though from Tangled so I should get used to it hahahah. I think Arda Wigs carries nice long ones!
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@hikaymm Iol..right!! I'm nervous about it getting tangled. haha
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@danidee I'm not sure about the licensed wig. the princess bubblegum dress I have on, I found the pink dress at the thrift store and sewed on the purple ribbon....it's always better home made ^^
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@Pj91777 Thankfully wigs are pretty detangle-able as long as they're not too low quality. I would just say make sure you buy one with nice fibres so you can detangle it when the inevitable happens!!
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