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@edwinb94 thank you thank you but yes I will definitely keep that in mind next time 😉
@JackieG1617 lol, it really does not matter if you alone, you will totally enjoy it. you just gotta try it, and once you do it you'll see. @VikaAlex, so glad that you enjoy it, i wanted to go to the one in Atlanta but i messed up and i couldnt go lol . btw I love your PSH poster, so amazin *_____*
@JackieG1617 think you😊. And if you decide to go make a post here and you might find someone who is in the same boat as you. All that mattered is that you enjoy yourself!
loved it 😉 I'm glad u enjoyed the concert I couldn't go but when you mentioned about how it doesn't matter if you go alone, just enjoy it, I realized that it's so true and that next time I should just go to the freaking concerts Omg 😂
@edwinb94 thank you! She is my favorite actress, I basically pray to that poster every morning lol
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