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Hey guys! How are you liking the All In Royale so far?! I love it!
Here's an imagine, hope you like it ^^
A piercing noise woke you up and once you had rubbed the confusion out of your eyes you became aware of the gray tendrils of smoke coming through the door to your room. Quickly you grabbed your phone next to your night stand and dial 911. After notifying them and hanging up you stay away from the windows and head into the bathroom.
After about five minutes you hear the siren of a fire truck come closer to your house. You hear a loud kick to the front door and people yelling out asking where you are.The thunderous stomps of someone coming up the stairs bring relief and you can slightly relax. You yell out from your bathroom and the next minute someone opens the door to the bathroom. Grabbing your arm and pulling you up from the bathtub he asks if there's anyone else after shaking your head he leads you out of your room and into the hall.
It was hell. You had no idea how the fire started but it was crawling and licking away at the stairs, the bottom half collapsed completely. There was glass on the floor and the ceiling was coming apart, the house could collapse any minute now. Staying inside bathroom seemed like heaven.
"Shit, this is bad." You turn and see the name "Wonho" stitched on his fire fighting uniform. "Okay here's what we're gonna do, I'm gonna call my friend and he'll catch you from the bottom." He turns and gets ready to grab you.
"What?! HELL NO!!!" you could feel sweat make your shirt cling to your body and though you know there isn't much time being flung into the air didn't sound like the best idea. You move so that he can't grab you and cross your arms.
"Look I need you to trust me. I know what I'm doing and it's for your own safety princess." Princess, really? As if that endearment was going to change your mind. He ignores you and calls his partner, "SHOWNU GET THE HELL IN HERE I NEED YOUR HELP!!"
The other comes running in from the outside, "I WAS HELPING PUT OUT THE FIRE!!" "Get ready to catch!" says Wonho, you don't have much time to react as you feel strong arms grip you and pull you close. "You're gonna be just fine, trust me" he has the time to wink at you and tosses you into the air. You don't even have time to scream as another pair of arms grab hold of you.
"Phew! You're safe now, let's get you outside." Shownu barely takes a step outside of the house when a part of the ceiling collapses. "Oh shit!" Shownu lets you go and runs to get some help from his partners. "OH MY GOD WONHO!!!" you take the chance and stay low, crawling back into the house so you don't breathe in so much smoke.
"WONHO, WONHO WHERE ARE YOU?!" You yell out and head towards where you last saw him. After what seems like an eternity of calling his name you see him through the haze. His leg caught by a huge beam from the ceiling that fell.
"You came back? I guess you missed me huh?" He pants and strains to get himself out from under the beam but it's too heavy. The sweat make his hands slip and you grip a part of it to help get him out. "Seriously how can you flirt in this situation?!" Holding up the beam you both struggle to get it off him when Shownu comes up and pushes it off completely.
"YOU!!! How could you come in here?! I leave to get help and then you're gone!" he says to you. "Help me get him up! Quick! The rest of the house could collapse any second now!" Both of you lift up Wonho and drag him out of the house. The EMT crew rushes up to you as soon as you step out and grab ahold of Wonho, helping him onto the stretcher.
"Let's go we gotta get him to the hospital his leg is broken and he inhaled too much of the fumes!" the men say as they wheel him away. "WAIT! Can I ride with him in the ambulance? Please, he saved me!" you say.
"Okay but we gotta go now!" They rush you into the ambulance and as you run by you give your thanks to Shownu and the rest of the team still putting out the fire.
The men close the doors behind you and step on the gas, accelerating through the darkened streets. You let out a heavy sigh and look down towards Wonho, only to notice that he was already staring at you with a slight smile on his face. "What?" you say.
"You went back for me. I seriously thought I was gonna die when the ceiling came down. But then I heard your voice and I swear I thought you were an angel for a minute." He takes your hand and places it on his cheek, leaning into it. Your cheeks start to burn from his intense stare. "Y-You, I am not an angel and I was just, I couldn't leave you behind!! Not after you saved me and well....I trust you okay?"
He laughs but then breaks into a harsh cough. "Are you okay?! Oh my gosh!" You wave your hands around, not sure of what to do. "It's okay," he strains out. "It's just that since I breathed in too much of the smoke my throat is really dry. I'll be fine."
He looks up at you again and takes your hand intertwining it with his. "See, I told you, you can trust me. You're just fine and perfectly safe," he says smiling. You blush and look away shyly. "But you know what?" he says.
"What?..." you say, looking at him cautiously.
"I liked it when you called out my name. I was so happy it was you who came back for me. My hero." He kisses your hand and feel his soft lips against your skin.
"Y-You!!" you say stuttering.
"Now I must take you out on a proper date to show my appreciation! You can't say no!" he says, firmly grasping your hand in his. So much happened in the last hour a date was the last thing on your mind but seeing his determined expression you just couldn't say no. It also didn't help that he was very attractive. You had a feeling this wasn't going to end with just one date either but taking a look, as long as it was him it was alright.
"Okay..I'll go on a date with you." He has the largest smile on his face and his eyes scrunch up in the cutest way.
"YESSS!!!!" he cries and as you look at his face you know, your life was about to get a lot more interesting.
phew! okay not so sure how it turned out but I was listening to Hero when I thought of this. I hope it wasn't too bad > <
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Omg I wish there was more lol so cute I love wonho p.s he looks hella good in blonde hair ❤️❤️🙃🙃❤️❤️🙃🙃
I love it!!! ❤️❤️😁😁❤️
Sweet baby jesus
oh so good 💙💙💙🙌