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Who: Reader x Kim Junmyeon What: Mature content / College AU Chapter 1 Story: One night and one big mistake led you to becoming a plaything to your best friend's brother. It seems like you can't do anything without Junmyeon hanging that night over your shoulder. What a jerk right, then how did you get addicted?
Y/N'S POV You stood at the door in the pink dress he told you to wear. You hated coming up to the front door when this happened; you felt like at any moment Kyungsoo would walk up the steps and see you. Even more you hated wearing dresses and the color pink. He was just doing all of this to annoy you. He liked it when you resisted him. Kim Junmyeon was the older half brother of your best friend, Kyungsoo, and at least four months ago he'd moved in with him. You hated Junmyeon and Kyungsoo knew this but he couldn't bare to choose between you two and it was fairly obvious that if he had to, he'd choose Junmyeon. Blood was blood, so despite the fact that you two had known each other since childhood, that his mother had practically considered you a daughter, that he'd labeled you as his little sister, if worst came to worst, Kyungsoo would still choose Junmyeon you were sure. You didn't doubt that Kyungsoo loved you he was your best friend and you did everything together but you couldn't risk him finding out about this. Four months ago, your boyfriend Zitao decided to end things with you claiming you weren't girly enough. The excuse seemed pitiful and weak because he dated you for a year and two years prior to you two dating you were friends so it wasn't like you being a tomboy was anything new. You liked jeans and T-shirts and big hoodies because they were comfortable and cozy and you didn't like to bother with the whole make up process it was stupid to you, aside from maybe some simple eyeliner you didn't care for it. You mostly wore your long brown hair in a ponytail with it hanging on your shoulder, all these things were comfortable to you. He knew this long before so when he pulled out that half assed excuse you stood right up and walked away. He sent texts to you apologizing and saying he still wanted to be friends but you never responded. He was still good friends with Kyungsoo, Yifan, Yixing, Lu Han and Sehun so it was almost impossible to stop seeing him. He would try and talk to you but you mostly blew him off; you were a bit more subtle when he was in front of the others so that you didn't ruin the dynamic of the group but you were just kind of annoyed with him. His excuse was proven to be even more half assed when you saw him not two weeks later with one of those peek-a-boo baby doll looking girls on his arm. She was flirty and clingy and that disgusted you but he seemed to like her, at least for a while. You noticed quickly that he was getting annoyed by how much she touched him, forcing him to hold her hand, hugging on him continuously, it made you laugh. He got what he wanted a very girly girl and she annoyed the hell out of him. It was actually because of your break up with Tao that you were in this situation now and for that you held a grudge on him longer. See, you had come to Kyungsoo's place to meet up so you could walk to a restaurant nearby and have lunch with his mother. Kyungsoo had announced earlier that day that Junmyeon was supposed to be moving in with him which only made the day worse. Junmyeon consistently picked on you as a kid calling you a boy because you didn't act girly enough and dressed only in jeans and hoodies. When he had insulted you in highschool, saying someone as unwomanly as you wasn't his type and you weren't going to make any man happy, Kyungsoo had over heard the harsh words and he stepped in to defend you. Still, that day you realized that Kyungsoo would always have Junmyeon's side. He snapped like a demon when anyone spoke ill of you which earned him the nickname Satansoo but when it was Junmyeon who did it, he was respectful in telling him off only leaving him with a warning to not do it again which he never listened to. When Kyungsoo went upstairs to take a quick shower before leaving Junmyeon had walked though the door, you found out later something happened with his flight and the airport exchanged his ticket so he arrived a day early. You had worn a skirt that day because you were meeting Kyungsoo's mother and she wanted to see you in something she had bought you. The skirt seemed to arouse Junmyeon much more than you believed any clothing could arouse a man. He annoyed you till you had spoken about your break up with Tao and he took the opportunity to ease his fingers inside you to get you off. He had distracted you long enough to do that and he used the excuse that Kyungsoo told him to be nice to you and that's why he was touching you. He had repeatedly complimented that skirt though and how you looked in it. His mouth and tongue worked on your lower region until he'd thoroughly satisfied you and then he had you return the favor. You got it over with quickly and finished him off before Kyungsoo made it back downstairs. Junmyeon made you give him his number, telling you that any time he called or texted you, you had to show up and you were not to miss any of his calls otherwise Kyungsoo would learn about the very first night. Even Junmyeon knew that if Kyungsoo found out, he wouldn't know how to be your friend anymore. He'd probably stop talking to you but Junmyeon had nothing to lose. Losing Kyungsoo as your best friend terrified you so you gave into him. This was his blackmail and for four months straight he had demanded your body making you scream and cry out his name. This pink dress he'd bought you specifically for tonight. He sent you an aggressive text saying how much he needed you, he wanted you to come to the house and stand outside till he came to the door. You lived not more than a five minute walk away from Kyungsoo's place so all you were waiting for was the door to open. You knew Kyungsoo was out on a date tonight with some girl from his culinary class. He apparently really liked her, she was very pretty. The door finally opened and you were snatched up in Junmyeon's arms. His lips attacking yours as he forced you inside. He closed the door behind him locking it while he was tugging at the straps to your dress. He liked that you looked like a girly girl, he was into that. He pressed you against the wall and pulled his lips away to catch his breath, "Shit you look so fucking sexy baby girl." he said though his pants. You hated him but you were extremely sensitive, even words hit your core hard and turned you on. If the right thing was said in the right way you were pretty much putty in his hands, you couldn't stop until you reached a climax and Junmyeon had discovered that the first night. He pushed you up against the wall so he could situate your legs around his hips and he went back to kissing you, making his way up the stairs. Once he got you to his room he dropped you on the bed locking the door and then discarding his shirt. "Strip." he commanded roughly. The animal like look in his eye tipped you off to what kind of mood he was in tonight. Something or someone must've pissed him off and now he was so hungry for you he could pounce at anytime. You had taken off the dress and your underwear and bra laid on the floor. He unzipped his pants revealing his swollen member and commanded you to suck on it. You regretted liking the way he commanded you roughly. You stroked him as your mouth slid up and down on his dick, your tongue swirling around the tip every so often, earning a deep moan from him. You felt his hips move to get deeper in your mouth. You heard him groan, "Ah Fuck Y/N you're so good." He must've been getting closer to his edge because he pulled away from you and pushed you back on the bed. He used his knee to spread your legs a part as he grabbed your hands and pinned them down above your head, "I'm gonna Fuck you so good tonight baby girl. I want you to scream my name till you voice fills these halls. Do you understand me baby?" Wow, that was definitely new. You wondered what the hell happened to make him this sexually frustrated. You couldn't speak just yet so you nodded, he didn't like that. He rubbed the head of his swollen cock on your clit making you whimper and bite your lip; his grip on your wrists tightened as he said, "I want to hear you say it baby girl. You are to scream my name, do you understand baby?" "Yes." you said almost breathless. "Yes what?" "Yes Junnie." you said using the nickname loved so much. You had actually given him that nickname by mistake when you were mocking one of the girls that he liked to hit on. He said he liked the way it came off your lips and told you to call him that. In a swift movement, Junmyeon and pushed himself inside you and started moving without allowing you to adjust to the pain. "Oh Fuck, Junmyeon!" you yelled. Tears welling up in your eyes as your hands tried to shoot up to grab onto something but he pushed them back into the bed deeper now, not releasing you. "Say my name baby girl, say it." "Junnie!" "Again!" he growled. "Junnie!" you screamed his name in a high pitch, the pain and pleasure mixing. There was a slight desperation in your voice, your heart racing so quickly you felt like you were going to die. "You're not going to be walking tomorrow babe." he grunted through his rapid thrusts. You felt like you were losing your mind. He pulled out of you lowering himself on his knees and immediately letting his mouth attack you clit. You jolted up gripping his hair in your hands, your entire body tensing up as his tongue ravaged you below, his teeth slightly nibbling your clit causing you to push his head deeper between your legs, your back arching up and you gasping his name, "Junmyeon." "Look at me, I want you to watch me eat you out." He was being too dirty, his face was deceptively sweet but he was just a freak in bed. When your eyes didn't open, he moved his mouth to slap you between your legs. "Are you going to listen?" he said. "Yes Junnie." You opened your eyes to see him looking back at you intensely, his mouth buried in your lips below. You hated him, you hated how he knew how to make you lose your mind. His tongue went back to work and you were getting closer to your climax, you started to grind against his tongue but he'd grabbed your hips and steadied them until you were shaking. "Fuck Junmyeon, I'm gonna cum!" "Scream my name when you do baby." Seconds after saying that, your moans had filled the room. He sucked on your clit till you said his name, "Junnie!" you cried. He stood up and turned you around on all fours, pushing your ass back into his hips; he immediately started rocking back inside of you hitting your core hard. It felt like he'd gone deeper than the last time, his thrusts slower but more power, still painful. You gripped the bedsheets, "Fuck me harder Junmyeon." you pleaded. "You want it faster baby girl?" "Yes." "Then beg me." "Junmyeon please, please fuck me faster. " He was humiliating you and there was no one even around to be embarrassed by. You just hated how desperately you needed him. You liked the feeling of him inside you and you hated that he knew how to hit your g spot just right. He started pounding into you faster, he grabbed your hair telling you to say his name, it was almost in a chant, like he was reciting a spell and you had fallen under it, as he came undone inside you, you yelled his name one last time. He rode his climax out making sure he spilled all his seed inside of you. You felt his body finally fall on top of yours, his heavy panting in your ear. He kissed your neck and shoulder and your back a bit. "You're such a good girl Y/N. I love being inside you." he whispered. "What happened to make you so upset?" "I wasn't upset, I just haven't had sex in a while. I needed you bad babe." He said letting his face bury into your neck. "I'm not your babe." "You're anything I want you to be as long as you want me to keep my mouth shut." You were too exhausted to even argue back, your eyes closed still feeling him inside you. His heavy panting still on your back, then sleep over took you.
Welp, as promised I got Junmyeon's main story out. If this was too much for you and you're not into the mature content then please just let me know, I'll take you off the tag list and as you know if you want to be added on just put it in the comments below. I hope you all enjoyed. Thanks for reading. ~BabydollBre Tag list: @kpossible4250 @jaysbae13 @princess2425 @Tiffany1922 @Anna5221 @VKookie47 @elishafisher @griseldazenger @Alyessiazavala @Parktaemi @sarahdawish @JaxomB @Queenlee @JessicaEvaristo @emilycayetano @herosbells @JasmineGregory
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Well damn, Junnie!!!! Who knew you was a freak in the sheets!!!
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