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I swear these boys are the death of me. They've only just debuted a while ago yet I can't stop watching them. UGGGGGH SO IN ORDER TO GET THEM KNOWN AND GET THEM LOVED: here's some fun facts :D(i just don't want to be alone while I love these dorks)
IMFACT is a five member group under Star Empire Entertainment. The group debuted in early 2016 with their single album Lollipop. Their group name, "IMFACT," is a combination of the terms, "I'm fact" and "impact." Impact meaning to have an impact on the k-pop industry, and I'm fact meaning that their songs are both genuine and truthful.
So we're going to start off with my bias and true love (of this group anyways) Stage Name: Jian Birth Name: Lee Ji An Position: Leader, Main Rapper Specialty: Rap making, choreographing, girl group dances Birthday: November 8, 1993 Language(s): Korean, Japanese Hobbies: Reading history books Height: 176cm Blood Type: O Fun Facts: -He enjoys watching movies. - He states that his complex is that he has hairy arms and legs. - His ideal type is someone innocent. - He has a fear of heights. - His largest fear is spirits. - He states that his charm is his "deadly aegyo." - His least favourite food is mushrooms. - The body part he has the most confidence in is his thighs. - He is not that confident about his face. - He is IMFACT's "King of Cute Acts." - His family came to IMFACT's first broadcast. - He messes with Taeho by eating his food. - He and Jeup love Nutella. - He is the mother of the group. - He was a background dancer prior to his debut. He danced for artists such as Juniel and B1A4. - He cooks for the members of 9MUSES. - His role model is Swings. - He really loves the sandwiches at Inkigayo. - He is a morning person. - He loves the Harry Potter series.
Stage Name: Jeup Birth Name: Park Je Up Position: Main Vocalist Specialty: Material arts, skiing Birthday: March 27, 1993 Language(s): Korean, Chinese Hobbies: Exercising, calligraphy Height: 172cm Blood Type: A Fun Facts: - He is a fast runner. - He says that his charm point is his lip tail. - The director of the Lollipop MV suggested that Jeup should get naked and only wear a towel to make the changing scene more realistic. - He says that he is an exercise machine. - He thinks that his chin is long and doesn't like it. - On a scale from 1-10 for dancing, he would give himself a 7. - He keeps food on his bed. - His favourite colours are pink, blue, and black. - He loves Nutella. - He learnt taekwondo under his parents' advisement because he was shy. - If he were to go to Japan, he would go Disneyland or Universal Studios. - He cannot eat sour things. - The other members state that he isn't good at any sports that include a ball. - All the other members agree that he is the stingiest. - He has a habit of touching his hair when he is in an awkward situation.
Stage Name: Taeho Birth Name: Kim Tae Ho Position: Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer Specialty: Writing lyrics, composing, choreographing Birthday: November 1, 1993 Language(s): Korean, Chinese Hobbies: Cooking Height: 172cm Blood Type: O Fun Facts: - He loves to travel. - He has a habit of touching his hair. - He also has a habit of screaming in the recording studio before starting. - He is learning how to play the piano. - He was the last member to join IMFACT. - He takes many selcas. - According to Jian, Taeho's nickname is, "Baby body beast face." - If he were to ever to to Japan, he'd like to go to Disneyland because he likes rides. - His role model is Michael Jackson. - Jian often messes with Taeho by eating his food. - According to Sang, Taeho is the scariest when he calls another member because he is the one keeping order. - His fake international hip-hop name is "Kim Tenny West." - He was a part of MBK and Happy Face before joining Star Empire. - His face gets bloated easily so he has to apply an ice pack to this face in the mornings. - According to the other members, Taeho has the most aegyo. - On a scale from 1-10 in dancing ability, Taeho would rate himself as an 8. - His favourite foods are meat and ice cream. - He likes bowling. - His ideal type is someone who is sweet and charming. - He crosses his chopsticks while using them.
Stage Name: Sang Birth Name: Lee Sang Position: Lead Vocalist Specialty: Writing lyrics, composing, playing the guitar Birthday: October 17, 1995 Language(s): Korean, English, Japanese Hobbies: Exercising, listening to music Height: 176cm Blood Type: B Fun Fact: - On a scale from one to ten on dancing, he gives himself five points for skill, and another five for passion. - He can get really timid. - His nickname is "Bulbasaur." - If he were a girl and had to choose to date one of the members, he would choose himself because he treats people the best. - He says that he is honest and cannot stand dishonourable things. - He has a hard time winking. - His childhood dream was to become a dinosaur expert. - His role models are Justin Bieber and Taeyang. - His father was a friend of the CEO of Star Empire Entertainment. Sang's talent was discovered when he was singing and playing the guitar at Star Empire's building. - The food he wants to eat in Japan is sushi because he loves it. -He loves R&B music. - He relieves stress by exercising.
Stage Name: Ungjae Birth Name: Na Ung Jae Position: Lead Rapper, Maknae Specialty: Writing lyrics, composing Birthday: May 28, 1998 Language(s): Korean, Japanese Hobbies: Playing the piano Height: 174cm Blood Type: B Fun Facts: - He says that he has no complex and that he is pleased with himself. - Because his hair is a pastel pink, he cannot wash it often or the colour will wash out, so his hair gives off an odour sometimes. - He says that he isn't a good dancer, but makes up for it by making gestures while rapping. - He says that he is the charismatic one. - He does vocal exercises to make his voice deeper. - His role models are Big Bang's G-Dragon and Epik High's Tablo. - He composed, arranged, and created the lyrics and rap for their debut single, "Lollipop." - His favourite colour is pink. - He likes to mess with and tease the other members. Especially Taeho and Jeup. - He can be awkward when it comes to aegyo.
Here's some extra songs they sang, a dance practice, a show they've been on as well as their first stage. I freaking love this group and it's a bit sad that they aren't as known as others. Their voices are amazing and their talent is mind blowing. So there ya go. Hopefully you guys like them enough to keep tabs on them and support them!